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Mayan, Incan and Sumerian: Social Classes and Job Spcialisation

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Martina Castelli

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Mayan, Incan and Sumerian: Social Classes and Job Spcialisation

Maya Job Specialization Maya Mayan, Inca and Sumerian: Job Specialization and Social Classes By Martina Castelli 10D Inca Social Classes Inca Social Classes The Mayans are really good farmers, in fact every family group has a little plot where they could farm, plus a common plot. These plots are called "Milpa".
The main things they grew where beans and corn.
They even had an irrigation system so that they could manage the plant's easily. Job specialization Jobs in the Inca civilization were connected a lot with social classes, because on depending on your social class, then you will have your job.
If you were from the Royal you could be a priest, army officials and judges. Social Classes The Sumerian social classes were divided in 3 groups, the lower one was the “slavery”, then you had traders and artisans that were part of the “Freeman” class or “middle class” and on top you had kings, nobles, priests, government officials and warriors. Sumerian Job specialization Sumerians were great farmers, sailors and traders. All the farmers were said “poor”, they were from the lowest class, and traders as well, but this changed when some of them understood how to manage money. Thank You Basic Information about Mayans Sumerian Basic Information about the Inca Name of the Civilization: Inca

Position: South America (Peru' and Chile)

Time: 1438 B.C.E. Basic Information about Sumerians Name of the Civilization: Sumerian

Mesopotamia (Iraq, southwest Iran, Syria, and southeast Turkey)

4000 B.C.E. Compare and Contrast In the Maya civilization there were 3 types of social classes:
1 - Royal Class
2 - Wealthy Class
3 - Low Class
You could understand witch class someone was by looking at where they lived or how they died. The Inca social classes were really simple but at the same time complicated because the higher social class has a lot of information. In fact the kings were called "Sapa's" and the kings wives were called "Coyas". Name of the civilization: Maya

Position: Mexico

Time: 2600 B.C.E. (Google Images) (Google Images) (Google Images) (Google Images) (Google Images) (Google Images) (Google Images) (Google Images) Social Classes Maya Inca Sumerian Both have 3 types of social classes All have a Royalty Class Both have a normal class Royalty lived in big castles Gave a special name to their kings Had a class with a special name (freeman) Compare and Contrast Job Specialization Inca Maya Sumerian Still use farming as a way of survival Traders became richer when they understood how to use money In at least 1 social class used farming as a job Job specialization connected with social classes Farming was for the low class Any Questions?
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