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I Hunt Killers

No description

Abby Harris

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers
Billy Dent
Billy Dent is a murderous killer. From the outside he seems as nothing more than the average dad, but dwelling on the inside lies a master of killing. He is a brilliant when it comes to seeming normal and fooling everyone that surrounds him. He also takes pride in his work and job therefore he teaches his son all the loop holes and strategies in hope he will follow in his footsteps.
Jasper Dent
Jasper grew up in a home with a notorious serial killer. All his life his dad taught him the ways to killing and Jazz faces a major internal conflict. He cannot decide if he is indeed just like his father or if he can go against everyone's beliefs and be his own person away from murder.
The Way out
Barry Lyga
By: Abby Harris and Madi Clements
Barry Lyga, the author of I Hunt Killers, is a former comic book geek. In fact, after college he began to pursue a career of working in the comic book industry. Lyga graduated from Yale with an English degree, and in his career span of six years, he has published nine novels. The running joke is that he knows way too much about how to dispose of a body!
Jasper Dent is the son of Billy Dent, a famous
serial killer, who was recently arrested. In
the small town of Lobo's Nod, killings start to
appear again and Jazz teams with his friend
Howie, his girlfriend Connie, and G. Williams in order to track the killer and gather evidence. After a short visit with Billy, Jazz becomes even
more determined to catch the Impressionist. The
man shows at Jasper's house and they capture him, learning that Billy Dent indeed escaped jail and is starting his business again.
Plot Summary
"He produced a smile that-to anyone
else-would have seemed genuine warmth.
Jazz remembered it from the night Billy had
shown him how to saw through a knee
joint in under five minutes" (302).
Billy Dent
"But only Connie stood before
him, and while a part of him-a
big part, he could tell- knew
exactly what to do to her, exactly
how to do it, some other part
(small, but strong) wrestled with
him and with the voice of his
father that lived inside him" (281).
Jasper Dent
Symbol: Knife
Jazz constantly remembers how
his very own father forced him
to cut into things when he was
young. The very image comes in
his mind all the time and he tries
to remember who or what exactly
his dad forced him to cut. This
symbolizes Jazz's fear that his
father did indeed take control of
his mind. He fears that his dad
somehow brainwashed him and the knife
symbolizes Jasper's one true fear, his
struggle with whether he is a killer or if
he can be someone else.
"Just like cutting chicken,
Billy whispered from the
past, or from his imagination.
Just like cutting..."(239).
"Prowling the house like a burglar,
he left the lights off, moving silently
with touch and memory to guide him"
This provides a comparison between
how Jazz enters the house to the way
a burglar goes through a house. Jazz
creeps in the house quietly because
he senses that he is being watched and
that someone has broken in his house so
he does not want to be hear.
"She was trembling on the throw
rug, shaking as the fibers soaked up
her blood which jetted from the five
clinical, almost surgical, stumps on
her hands"(198).
This provides a very detailed description of the
crime scene that Jazz and Howie stumbled upon
of their very own theater director. Lyga uses
vivid imagery in order to appeal to the emotions
of the reader and create a picture in their
The people around you may have an effect on you, as well as the experiences you go through. However, you are the only one who can change yourself, and you are the only one who can control what you do and do not do.
Works Cited
I Hunt Killers
By Barry Lyga
I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga
Presentation by
Abby Harris and Madi Clements
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