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Learning Objectives, Big Ideas and assignments

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Jamie Alarcon

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Learning Objectives, Big Ideas and assignments

Framework Fast Identify a Learning Objective The learning objective is the outcome at the end of the lesson. It is the measurable The student outcome at the end of the lesson.
These are measurable, things you can check for during a class period. Match Independent Practice This should be able to measure the learning objective. What is the Big Idea? The concept, or 3-5 key ideas. Learning Objective Matching Independent Practice Big Idea Hopefully your students don't think this after they know what they are learning, and why they are learning it. And instead they will feel like this Example: Create a thesis from the following essay prompt.
After reading the articles and watching the short video, write a 5-paragraph essay examining the benefits of a good education to the individual, to his/her future family and to American society as a whole. Teach Like a Champion 4M's: Imagine a lesson you taught.

We will be able to define and create a learning objective, independent practice and "the Big Idea". Manageable
Made First
Most Important Manageable= It is the deconstructed standard, that is the size and scope that can be taught in a single lesson. This should be a stepping stone to getting to the overall goal of the unit. It would be a series of day-by-day objectives that set achievable goals for each day. Post-it Make sure your objectives are easy to see and displayed. Measurable= An effective objective should be written so that your success in achieving it can be measured, ideally by the end of the class period (Checking for Understanding). Made First= "An effective objective should be designed to guide the activity, not to justify how a chosen activity meets one of several viable purposes." If it is made first the activity could be better tailored to the goal. Most Important= An effective objective should focus on what's most important on the path to graduation and 21st century know-how. Example: Write a thesis statement with 3 supporting details that reflect the prompt. Does the independent practice reflect concepts taught in the lesson? It is generally the noun in the learning objective Check for Understanding 1. Identify the climax and resolution in the short story "There will be Soft Rains" by Ray Bradbury. 2. Represent real numbers as points on the number line and distinguish rational numbers from irrational numbers. 3. Examine the function of ribosomes in a cell. 4. Use text in such a way that it loses its identity as words and presents, instead, a textural image that also displays rhythm, movement, and contrast. 5. Evaluate whether dropping the nuclear bomb was the best way to end World War II. Example: Writing Thesis Statements What does your checking for understanding look like?

Do your students' answers ever look something like this?
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