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Red Dog

Analysation of the Aussie Film Red Dog (True Story)

Emily Davidson

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Red Dog

By Emily Davidson Red Dog Film techniques Music and Sound Quotes Characters One quote that represents friendship in this film is "He was like that, a dog for everyone but no one in particular." The reason this quote represents friendship is because it was about Red dog and this quote is talking about red dogs friendship with everyone in his community and how he shared around his friendship.

" More than a mates best friend..........A mate to the entire community" This quote symbolises friendship it is about Red dog and how he was a friend to the entire community and he brought the community closer. He helped people develop friendships with each other and get over their differences. He helped the community turn a page and was always ready to listen which is why he was such a good mate.

Another friendship quote is "He did not judge a polite doggy a very loyal doggie or so I thought" This quote sounds like that Red dog was deceiving someone but the fact is that it sounds this way because Red dog was a loyal and polite Doggy to all something that took members of the Dampier Community awhile to understand. The Music and sound is a big part in any film. This film it is set in the 1970's so it uses 1970's music. The Introduction music when Tom was driving into the town of Dampier has a party feel to it so it makes it feel like he is going to a party not a empty pub in the middle of nowhere. The music throughout has a country outback feel to it with a little bit of a rock beat for example when they are driving along in the car which gets you bopping. Or other times their was slower country music such as when Peeto was in his trailer doing his knitting and you feel relaxed. The music in the the pub when Peeto charged was party/rock and country all together and puts you in the party mood. When Vanno is telling red dog about his country the music is happy and cheery because he has someone to talk to about his wonderful country this makes you feel happy because Vanno is happy because. The music changes in the mood of the scene and there is many more songs with different feelings in this movie. There are songs that sound sad, happy, excited, angry, lonely and many more. The soundtrack was very effective as it tugged at your emotions along with the visual scene so it did a very good job. Symbols and Language The Characters help to produce a true Aussie film by the toughness and humour mixed in one. An example of this is when Peeto who acts like a tough Aussie guy all the time listened to quite music and knits when he was at home alone with red dog. The clothes they wear with their singlets and shorts create a very Aussie Image. Also with the red dust of the Australian outback on their skin in their hair and clothes makes them look like tough Aussie blokes. They all go to the pub after a day of work a very Aussie thing to do! Camera shots Film Techniques Camera Angles The Undershot is used in the film when the red cat jumps from one caravan to another this gives the red cat a sense of authority.The use of eye level angles in the film was very effective. Some places this was used was when red dog was looking for John after the accident and he was walking down the railway line. This made you relate to red dog as you were at his level and also when red dog and red cat where fighting to show that they were equal when they were fighting. A number of shots where in birds eye view one birds eye view shot was when Red dog was getting registered and it showed the great big crowd. Another one was when red dog was circling his pray aka Red cat before they started fighting. The low level angles was used at the start of the movie when he was waiting to hitchhike and Jack and Marine lent over him asking about him like whether he was alright or whether he needed water.The High level angle was used in this movie when they arrived in Dampier and it was showing what the town of Dampier looked like. Camera Shots help the film tell its story. One example of a camera shot is a Reaction shot one place this was in the film was when Red dog and red Cat were fighting and the miners were watching and flinched when Red dog and red cat ran into anything. Another Camera shot used in the film is an over the shoulder shot this is where the camera takes a shot of something or someone over another persons shoulder, an example of when this took place is when red dog sat on the bus and John looked back to ask why a lady was sitting next to his dog and the camera is filming over his shoulder. A medium shot is where the camera gets close so that the watcher feels like it is part of the film this is used when Red dog was getting registered.The use of Extreme Long shots were well used at the start of the movie with the car driving on the dirt road when they are introducing Dampier NSW. The use of an Extreme close up was just before Peeto charged at Two men in the pub. Their are many times in the film when a close up shot is taken this is where the camera focuses on a whole object or a persons face. For example this was used when Jack Collins and Tom where talking at the start of the movie in the pub. The symbols and language used within a film really tells the story. Some of the symbols used in the film of course is the red dirt this is a symbol the represents the outback of Australia. The blazing sun represents the reality of how dry it is. The clothing of the men shows that they are miners with their dirty shirts and shorts and their hard hats. Some other symbols are the beer all the men in Australia after a hard day on a farm or at work want a cool beer, so this is well used in the film. The Singlets that the men wear each day symbolise the heat of the Aussie desert. The kangaroo on the road after the accident symbolises Australia, because a Kangaroo is our native animal and people do hit Kangaroos a lot on roads in Australia, so it gives the accident an Aussie twist.
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