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No description

Suthasinee S.

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of

What is ? is a website which is creating to
help owners and professional trainers sell high-end competition horse
Founded and owned by : Dagny Amber Aslin

How they work?
The Exchange handles advertising for sellers and trainers across the country.
Well-organized, necessary, and always
Works to
personalize marketing
for potential buyer.
Uses a variety of
marketing strategies.
Experimenting with
viral marketing and social media
(RSS Feeds, Twitter, Youtube , Facebook and Pinterest.
Trainers/sellers who sign up for premium listing
pay a monthly fee for the initial advertisement & subscription
Today's Topics
What is
How the Exchange works?
Their present

ExchangeHunterJumper has been revised, re-vamped and
re-launched almost every year in response to industry feedback. 2012 marks our 5th site revision. The new feature include:
New search filter
Linked ads for multiple horse sellers
Interactive pages that promote a barn's entire sale stock
web development allows for quick adaptation
well-known brand
good user interface on web
outsourcing practiced programmer
advertising revenue
attractive activities
reach the internet
depend on outsourcing programmer
lack of interactive communication
access to every country in the world
access to working age people
focus more on sale barns industry
apply to technology on mobile and social network
Aslin very involved with horse and riding, saw challenges of professional riders, gained credibility
Started in high-end California realty, developed website
Moved back to Midwest and started The Exchange in 2005

Question :
Find a site on the Web that offers classified ads for horses. Compare this site to in terms of the services offered (the customer value proposition). What does The Exchange offer that other sites do not?

Question :
Make a list of all the ways The Exchange attempts to personalize its services to both buyers and sellers
Answer :

Question :
In what ways were social media effective in promoting The Exchange brand? Which media led to the highest increase in sales and inquires? Why?

Answer :

give information to audience
allow people to share their interest thing
meet target customer
attract new customer
increase brand awareness


Thitiyaporn Prompithak 558 15299 26

Panutda Sanguanlorsit 558 15625 26

Suthasinee Sinlapasorn 558 16197 26
Site's Layou
Horses' Profile
Sellers' Profile
well organized
clear & complete
complete with pictures
and video
incomplete information
too much & misty
complete contact information
only for member

unable to standstill
developed web by competitors
focus on target market
security of online transaction
horse disease
Premium listing
Horse filter
What we learned from
understand target customers and meet their need
increase brand awareness, increase customer
keep clear & simple !
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