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iPad Pilot Presentation

No description

Lori Chartrand

on 17 November 2011

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Transcript of iPad Pilot Presentation

iPad 2 Pilot
St. Mary - Brockville Why iPad 2s?
a cost effective tablet which compliments the recent laptop deployment
works with the current wireless network
allow students with all abilities to access technology
can be used to access the internet
has a built in HD video camera/microphone
export all apps and screen views to a projector
allows students to investigate, record, design and personalize Ipads Allow Students to... Podcast
Record tests/presentations
Create radio shows
Read ebooks
Video demonstrations
Watch lessons/videos
Access information at their own pace
Watch teacher downloaded videos (ie News)
Create digital stories
Animate stories/pictures
Communicate with other classes, schools and countries with Facetime (under teacher supervision) Benefits for Special Needs Students Dragon and Kurzweil apps allow students with communication difficulties to express themselves
Touch screen enables students with fine motor difficulties to access and contribute ideas
Built in video camera allows special needs students to record ideas and demonstrate learning
Access information at their own pacing (pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding as needed)
Apps allow students to organize routines, scheduling, transitions
Apps to help to teach and reinforce life skills
Can help to provide opportunites for social connections and to advocate for help
Apps assist students with autism to reinforce word/image associations, letter formation, appropriate responses
iPads allow hands on learning and will appeal to students with attention deficit disorders Apps can be purchased and installed on 5 iPads
Many apps are free or can be purchased for $0.99
One teacher will sync and install all apps and content at home
All copyrights for software will be followed
Students will not be able to download content to the iPads
Internet access will still be limited by board filters
Facetime and video functions will be used with teacher supervision

The How Costs Educational 10 Pack

iPad2 $498 (each before tax) x 1.13 = $562.74 x 10 = $5627.40
Case $6.55 (each before tax) x 1.13 = $7.40 x 10 = $74.00

TOTAL = $5701.40

No Educational Discount (For 9 iPads)

iPad2 $519 (each before tax) x 1.13 = $586.47 x 9 = $5278.23
Case $6.55 (each before tax) x 1.13 = $7.40 x 9 = $66.60

TOTAL = $5344.83 Questions i
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