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Network Diagrams in SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Global Forum 2015 paper on building network diagrams in SAS Visual Analytics.

Stephen Overton

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Network Diagrams in SAS Visual Analytics

Network Diagram
Nodes representing values
Links representing relationships
Sizing, coloring, spacing, and clustering
What is a Network Diagram?
Demonstration 2
Understanding the Data
Visualizing Relationships and Connections in Complex Data Using Network Diagrams in SAS® Visual Analytics
SAS Global Forum 2015
Select Network Diagram
Building a Network Diagram
Stephen Overton, Ben Zenick, Zencos Consulting
What is a network diagram?
Understanding data for network diagrams
Building a network diagram in SAS Visual Analytics
Live Demonstrations
Visualize metadata user, group, role relationships
Visualize bank transactions
Visualize foreign bank wires
Method of visualizing how entire populations of data are connected and related.
Hierarchical Data
Ungrouped Data
Standard hierarchy of categorical values
More common
Easy to understand
Node-link pairs
Source-target pairs
Must have terminating nodes defined
More complex but more powerful
Hierarchies of categorical data
Data can be less related
Country > Type > Person
Parent / child relationships fully expanded in network diagram
Source to Target pairs
Terminal nodes
Each record defines a relationship
SAS Visual Analytics Exploration
Select data from LASR
Define Network Diagram Visualization
Assign roles
Define properties
Main Menu
Building a Network Diagram
SAS Visual Analytics Exploration
Network Diagram
Roles & Properties
Select the Data
Demonstration 1
Assign Data Roles
Define Visualization Properties
Network Type - Hierarchical or Ungrouped
Ungrouped - Assign Source and Target
Hierarchical - Assign levels
Node size
– useful for representing measures such as dollar amounts, volumes, or other numeric attributes.
Node color
– useful for representing numeric or character-based values that represent intensity or call attention to specific nodes.
Link size
– similar to node size, useful for numeric dollar amounts, volumes, or any numeric measure which represents the
of a relationship.
Link color
– similar to node color, useful for numeric measures or character-based classifications of the relationships between nodes.

Enable geomap (if nodes represent locations)
Directions of links
Visualization enhancements
Node selection
Visualizing Users, Groups, Roles from SAS Metadata
Extract data using %MDUEXTR macro
Prepare data
Define terminal nodes
Load into LASR
Build Network Diagram
Demonstration 1
Understand security model
Demonstration 2
Demonstration 3
Demonstration 3
Visualize Bank Transaction Type Hierarchies
Understand source data
Load into LASR
Build Network Diagram
Understand a bank's risk and exposure to certain transaction types.
Visualize and Understand Foreign Bank Wire Exposure Globally
Understand source data
Load into LASR
Build Network Diagram
Understand a bank's risk and exposure to foreign wires.
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