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Family Tree

No description

Robyn Fall

on 28 July 2010

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Transcript of Family Tree

The Apache Buckskin Thomas Antionio & Ruby Muster Manuel & Jackie Quintero Carmen Antonio Sam & Sage Troy Stony Pat Thomas Jerald Amanda Lj Shanae Kendall Anthony Keyan Manuel Jr Melinda Jessica Kyle Deneesha Meliyah & Dre Dj Jolene & Lloyd Robyn & Christian Homer & Alta Fall Durango Shine SQ Cora Luke Erma Ronita Homer Jr. Tenille D. Madeline Larson Robyn& Christian Anferne, Black, Chevon, Eli Rhonda, Maca, Tj, Brian, Rat Shanae, Kendall, Marty, Kayla, Tylo, Grant, (1,(2)) Jordan & Goosey Kelly & Ray Cecile Trevon, Travon, Cory, Chance Alexis & Phines Mj, Phillip, Smokey, Mathew, (1)(2)(3) Sonny, Sugar, Snowy, Linda TK & Kadience Dj, (1),(2),(3),(4) Sierra (1),(2) (1),(2,(3) Ethnic: 100% Apache
Religion: Tradition - Following the Apache way

Ethnic: 100% Apache
Religion: Christian - Lutheran - Penocostal Da go Te'
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