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Conflict Theory and Race (US)

A Modern Studies presentation looking at the sociological theory of conflict.

Ayah-Sofia Semlali

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Conflict Theory and Race (US)

A conflict theory (sociology) emphasises the social, political or material inequality of a group.
Critical Race Theory
0 Institutional racism
0 Structural inequality
0 White privilege/white supremacy
0 Systematic segregation
Detailed Intro
struggles and class consciousness
“People become enslaved when their actions are controlled by something outside themselves to benefit the capitalist system that is controlling the labour division.”
Criticisms of theory
0 Social Mobility
0 New Middle Class
0 Increased equality
Labour is sold by the proletariat to create goods (production) which leads to wealth being made for the bouregeoise (factory owners).

The working class is exploited - "a consequence of the capitalist mode of production".

Racial inequality and poverty go very much hand in hand, meaning that minorities are caught up in the crossfire.
The media perpetuates harmful beliefs that structural inequality is necessary for society.

Governments serve the interest of the upper class.
Conflict Theory and Race
Power is the core of all social relationships
Marxism and Conflict
is similar yet very much different
competition and dominance
By Ayah-Sofia Semlali
https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_c2p0Y7mgU
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