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The 6 Different Types of Health

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on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of The 6 Different Types of Health

The 6 Different Types of Health
By:Nicole Oakley
The Six Types of Health are.....
Physical health
Emotional health
Mental/Intellectual health
Social health
Environmental health
Spiritual health
Physical Health
Physical health is the condition
of your body.
Physical Health
The five pictures I have are of somebody doing push ups, somebody running, somebody doing sit ups, also someone lifting weights, and someone riding a bike. These pictures show physical health because all of the people in the pictures are exercising, and when you exercise you stay in shape and that is what physical health is about, it is about the condition of your body and staying in shape. These are exercises that you could maybe fit into your daily or weekly schedule so you can help keep yourself healthy and your body in good condition.
Emotional Health
Emotional health is expressing your emotions positively.
Emotional Health
The five pictures I have are
of friends hugging, girls
giving each other high fives,
a family spending time together,
3 friends together, and someone
not stressing out during a test.
I think that these pictures connect
with emotional health because
everybody is showing positive emotions,
either towards themselves or towards
others. You can see that the family looks happy,
and that the friends are happy together, and
also that the person taking the test doesn't look
stressed and looks pretty confident. Expressing
emotions positively is very important because you don't want to make yourself feel bad or others feel bad either.
Mental/Intellectual Health
Mental/Intellectual health is the ability to recognize reality and cope with life.
Mental/Intellectual Health
The five pictures I have are for mental/intellectual
health. The pictures I have are of someone reading,
someone doing homework or schoolwork, somebody
taking a test, someone doing yoga, and someone
doing breathing exercises. I think that these pictures
relate to mental/intellectual health because mental/
intellectual health has to do with the mind, and what
you are thinking, and also your intelligence. In all of
these photos people have to use thoughts and
intelligence for what they are doing. For example,
the person doing yoga and the person doing breathing exercises have to focus and keep negative
thoughts out of there mind. Also for people to maintain there mental/intellectual health they have to be confident and accept themselves. The person who is working on homework and the person taking the test, they have to be confident and they need to work hard to maintain there mental/intellectual health. They also have to use there intelligence to take the test and do homework so they can work better and do a good job.
Social Health
Social health is how you
relate to people at home,
school, and everywhere else.
Social Health
These five pictures I have relate to social health. The five pictures are of kids playing soccer, teens outside, students talking at school, a family playing a game, and a family eating dinner. These pictures relate to social health because everybody is being positive and nice to each other. Also when
people are getting along and meeting new
people they are maintaining and improving
their social health. In the pictures you can
see that everybody is comfortable around each other and nobody seems nervous or scared because they are socializing, and having a good time, and being respectful and nice to others.

Environmental Health
Environmental health is keeping air and water clean, having safe food sources, being in a place you enjoy, and having safe surroundings
Environmental Health
The five pictures I have relate to
environmental health. The pictures are
of a children crossing sign, people
crossing the street, kids having fun riding
bikes, kids playing, and a family having fun at home. These all relate to environmental health because part of environmental health is about having
safe surroundings and that is what these
pictures represent, people are having fun
and can feel safe in there community.
Environmental health is important because if you don't feel safe in your community or have safe resources then it is not healthy for you or your community.
Spiritual Health
Spiritual health is maintained or improved by living according to your ethics morals and values.
Spiritual Health
These five pictures represent spiritual
health. The pictures are of a peace sign,
a yin yang sign, a cross, a church, and a Shinto sign.
These pictures represent spiritual health because spiritual health is partly about what you believe in and that is what the pictures represent. They represent different backgrounds and
beliefs. Everybody has different
beliefs so to don't go by another
persons beliefs, go by your own beliefs.

That concludes the 6 parts of health.
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