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Competitive cheer

No description

T Blankenship

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Competitive cheer

Frame 1
competitive cheer is different from high school cheer, competitive cheer is a sport.
physics of cheer
frame 3
Newtons first law
Frame 2
-Cheerleaders on an all star team have to be flexible, have tumbling skills, strength and full dedication.
They do not cheer for another sport such as football or basketball.
Cheerleading has come a long way since it's beginning and is no longer girls with pom poms shouting GO TEAM GO! With the addition of All-Star cheerleading and advanced stunting and tumbling elements, as well as long hours spent each week at practice and conditioning, cheerleaders have become extreme athletes pushing their bodies to limits that most people can only imagine.

Frame 4
Frame 6
Frame 7
-stair-step high torch
Toe touch-
to be on an all star team it takes a lot of dedication, strength, flexibility, and tumbling skills.
Frame 5
roundoff arabian roundoff whip back handspring double full
-pike jump
-toe touch
-side hurdler
-back hand spring
Newton’s first law, an object in motion will remain in motion until an external force is applied to it, is detrimental to cheerleading.
This law allows the tumbler to finish their skill, by landing from the flip with their knees bent, which will exert the power from the skill into the floor. If a tumbler were to try and land the skill with the knees locked, only some of the power would be put into the floor and the rest would stay with the
tumbler to either shoot them back into the air or the power would send the cheerleader back to fall on their back

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