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Nikolas Taylor Caden Mccoy

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Nikolas Taylor Caden Mccoy

Medal of Honor Recipients
Robert James Miller & William Kyle Carpenter.
Will Carpenter is the youngest Medal of Honor recipient that is still living. his actions in the afghan war is something most people his age would never consider doing.
Robert James Miller was leading a team on a reconnaissance mission in the Kunar Province in Afghanistan. His team was ambushed and he laid down suppressing fire to allow all his fellow soldiers to escape and return fire.
Carpenter threw his body into harms way to shield his fellow soldiers from an M67 frag grenade by falling on top of it at detonation.
Miller was leading a combat recon mission in the mountainous Kunar Province. While checking an abandoned village, Taliban forces ambushed the team with automatic small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades. Miller stayed behind while his team retreated back up the mountain, firing his LMG and Mk19 grenade launcher at the enemy.

He suffered life-changing injuries in order to protect a fellow squad mate. Carpenter received a ruptured ear drum, blind in the right eye mortal scars on his body.
Miller's recon team was ambushed and while his team was getting hit, Miller chose to sacrifice himself to let his team escape. He fought his way through a narrow mountain valley pass with his M249 LMG and M67 frag grenades and attacked a whole village full of Taliban fighters alone while his team retreated back up the mountain and returned fire. Miller had no cover. He was shot in the shoulder and chose to go prone and started throwing a barrage of M67 frag grenades and completely unloaded his M249 LMG. After suffering multiple wounds, Miller made one more push down the valley until he was fatally shot through the heart, before dying, Miller threw one last grenade to finally suppress the insurgents.
Miller took almost every single training class available to him before going on tour to Afghanistan. He also was part of his high school's gymnastic squad, even though he knew from a young age that he wanted to be a soldier.
William Carpenter represented sacrifice by putting his team over himself, and by risking his life by jumping on a grenade just to save the life of his fellow squad.
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