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Immigration Children's Book Project

No description

Technology Tym

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Immigration Children's Book Project

5th Grade Social Studies
Due: Wednesday, October 14

Immigration Children's Book Project
Overview of Assignment
Colorful Illustrations
The Story
Each Page
In Class: Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Due: Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You will be designing an entertaining children’s book about immigration.

Colorful Descriptive Cover
Information Sheet on Back
6 Pages inside
Audience: lower elementary students
Focus: Illustrations should relate to story on each page
Flags of your home country
Pictures of the ship you took over
Pictures of Ellis OR Angel Island
The Statue of Liberty
Your own drawings
You may print off 3 pictures for your book and 3 pictures only at school! If you want to print more at home, feel free.
Must Include:
What life was like in your home country during the early 1900’s. You might have to look up info at home or on the computer at school for this page.
Reasons why you wanted to come to America
How you got to America
What life was like when you got to America
A HAPPY ending!!!!
2 - 5 pictures
3 - 5 Sentences
Final Draft Quality
Sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization.
Voice: Make this story YOUR story.
Follow a sequential order of events and be organized.
Assign Partners
Have them pick countries
Have students research their country
Take notes
Rotate on computers
Put books together using construction paper
Start on storyboard

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