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The Sims!

CSE 111 Presentation

Christel Soh

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of The Sims!

Will Wright!
Lost his home in the Berkeley-Oakland firestorm in 1991
Wanted to create a virtual dollhouse
Nobody liked his game idea :(
Released 4 Feb 2000
Over 150 million copies sold
7 Expansion Packs
Won Guinness Records!
'World's Biggest-Selling Simulation Series'
'Best Selling PC Game of All Time'
Originally developed as architecture game
Released 14 Sept 2004
Set 25 years after The Sims
Full 3D environment
8 Expansion Packs
9 Stuff Packs
Life simulation game
Control virtual people "Sims"
Artificial intelligence
10 spinoff games
by Christel, Maryanne & Diane
The SIms 3
Released 2 June 2009
11 Expansion Packs
9 Stuff Packs
Sold 1.4 million copies in its first week
Released 2 September 2014
1 Expansion Pack, 1 Game Pack
First PC game to top all-format charts in two years
Sold 408,150 copies worldwide in the first four days
Sims fun facts!
Have alien babies
Sims can get hit by meteors
Vampires, fairies, zombies, werewolves
Ghost have different colours depending on how they died
Rated 18+ in Russia because of portrayal of 'non-traditional sexual relationships'
Why Are the Sims so Popular?
Players get to live out their fantasies
Get to see what it's like to do forbidden things
Kill your Sims in a variety of ways!
Blend of realistic and quirky

THE SIMS: GamePlay
Limited Functions
Very basic interface
3D characters, 2D environment
Not fully autonomous
Sims don't age
Sims 2: GamePlay
More customization options when creating Sims
Six life stages
Days of the week
Creation of the family tree
Sims have aspirations, wants and fears
Can travel to community lots to shop for clothes, etc
Sims 3: gameplay
Control your Sims while they're at work
No more loading screens
Sims have a wide range of emotions
Environment affects Sims
Sims fun facts!
Shipped off to military school
Visit from the Social Bunny
Dying from WooHoo
Get hit by Mrs Crumplebottom
Sims can be abducted by aliens
Highly versatile Create-A-Sim and Build Mode
Emotion-based Sims
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