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Man-Made Disasters

No description

Whitney Lee

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Man-Made Disasters

Man-Made Disasters What impact do man-made disasters have: Different Types of Disasters:
- Sociological hazards: Crime; Civil Disorders; Terrorism and War.
- Technological hazards: Industrial Disasters; Chemical Disaster, Biological Disasters, Radiological Disasters.
- Transportation hazards: Ocean Travel Disasters; Aviation Disasters; Rail Disasters; Road Disasters and Space Travel Disasters. How do man-made disasters occur? - Result of human intent
- Negligence
- Error
- Failed Systems
- Deliberate Actions Natural Political Economic Social - Aid devices must be organized to assist affected areas
- Government must assist in re developing affected areas
- Government must support and help affected areas - Man-Made disasters affect the environment
- Death of Animals in the eco-system
- Specific Man-made disasters affect the oxygen and air
- Specific Man-made disasters damage tree's and plants ect. - Damage Costs from disaster
- Location of the disaster
- homelessness rate would rise
- Price of living would increase
- Depending on location, resources may become harder to purchase - Community becomes affected and disorientated
- Affects families and friends
- Unable to exercise and socialise in affected areas
- Becomes difficult to communicate with others in different areas Whitney, Jack, Miguel and Luay -Garbage is pollution from all over the
-Major impact on the marine life
-Between California and Hawaii
-Started small around 1988
-People are unsure on the definite size
-Affects from the bottom to the top of the food chain Case Study - Technological advances cause greater mistakes
- Mainly occurs around coastal cities, which have greater populations
- Industrialized areas are the major factor
- Occur on land and oil based terrains Where do Man-Made Disasters Occur? - Advancements cause more problems
- Trying to improve cause mistakes to learn from
- The pursuit to have a better live is a cause Conclusion Bibliography http://www.disasterium.com
http://www.riskmanagementmonitor.com/the-seven-strangest-man-made-disasters/ How do people respond to man made disasters? Humans feeling after the disaster.
How do they react
What role do adults play when the disaster occur
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