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Why Stealing Is Wrong

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Danielle Charles

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Why Stealing Is Wrong

There are a lot of reasons why stealing is wrong but I'm only going to talk about the three main points that I thought were very important to understand why stealing is wrong.

known as the thief ?
thinking about your future
what would grandma say ?
Why Stealing Is Wrong

Ever just took something that wasn't yours because you wanted it? You probably thought you really needed it, or that nobody would find out. Well you go on about why you did it or how it happened but there is no excuse on why stealing is okay. I learned that the hard way.


If you take something that isn't yours and get caught , a lot of people put sort of a stereotype towards you. Well once a thief is a always a thief is one example. You don't want to be known was the thief or the one person you can't leave alone because somethings gonna be gone when she leaves. Or when something goes missing, since you have the record , who do you think people are going to suspect? These are the natural consequences for stealing .
Thinking about your future

Before you steal think about what would or could happen from this. How is it going to end, what is the consequences, how is it going to end. All these things are good habits to think about. Think about your future will be a lot easier and save you a lot of trouble. Take a second to play it out and think about how the results will be once you get caught.
What would Grandma say ?

This is a saying for how does it affect the people around you. Think about how it would effect your family, friends and other people. How would they feel if you stole from them or found out you were stealing. You should be grateful that you have what you have and that if you want something just ask , because
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