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Extended Star Topology

No description

anne alfa

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Extended Star Topology

~ made up of all connected individual star topologies.

~a star network with an additional networking device connected to the main networking device.
~it is a network cable connects to one switch, and then several other switches connect to the first switch.
What does it do

~it has bigger communication area than star topology.

~it is basically every computer attached to a central hub/router.
~ the high dependence of the system on the functioning of the central hub.
~the performance and scalability of the network also depend on the compatibility of the hub.
~any given mode in the LAN has one or more physical links to other devices in the network.
~in a school or college the workstations in each computer room could from one of stars within an extended star topology.
Extended Star Topology
By: Anne Alfa
Khalil Baker
Taylor Rich
Micheala Ferrell
Lidia Avalos
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