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No description

Nikki Mathews

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Conjunctions!

A little ice can make a BIG difference!!
Who knew conjunctions were so important?!
What are Conjunctions?
for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
The Conjunctions Can Determine Sentence Types!!
Simple Sentence
: It contains a subject and a predicate (verb) and possibly some phrases - otherwise known as
one independent clause
. It can include coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) between
words and phrases
. It can have two or more subjects and one predicate, or one subject and two or more predicates.

Compound Sentence
: It contains two or more simple sentences (independent clauses) joined together by a comma AND
coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS)
, or by a semi-colon between the two clauses. The two independent clauses
joined by just a comma!!!
Conjunctions are the Tip of the Iceberg!!
They are the building blocks of simple, compound, and complex sentences!!
after, although, as, when,
while, until, because, before,
if, since...many more
There are three kinds. Find what the conjunction's job is...
are groups of words that lack either a subject or a verb
or both.
A clause is a group of related words that has
and a

There are
kinds of clauses:
- It presents a complete thought and can stand alone as a COMPLETE sentence. It may include FANBOYS that connect words or phrases.
- It does not present a complete thought and can't stand alone as a complete sentence. It contains a subordinating conjunction or AAAWWUBBIS!! May be called a subordinating clause as well.
There are four types of sentences: Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex.
Two more sentence types that DEPEND on conjunctions!!
Complex Sentence
: It is a sentence that contains one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.
The dependent clause will always start with an AAAWWUBBIS!

If the dependent clause starts the sentence
a comma must separate the two clauses.
Compound-Complex Sentence
: It is a sentence that contains two or more dependent clauses and two or more independent clauses. You will see
making connections
in this sentence. They are not common types of sentences.
So, what's the BIG deal??
Writing with a variety of sentence structures makes your writing interesting and easy to read.

By knowing what kind of sentence you're writing, you will know how to punctuate it correctly.

Punctuation and grammar is part of standardized tests.

Writing with sentence fluency is part of the scoring rubric for the Direct Writing Assessment!
Let's practice!!
So how do you know if you are sleep deprived?
What kind of sentences are these?? They are taken from "Hey You! Wake Up!" text in SCOPE magazine.
Teenagers need about nine hours of sleep a night.
The police and military sometimes use sleep deprivation to get information out of suspects.
Pilots are required to have a certain amount of time between flights in order to sleep, but neither pilot had adequate rest during that period.
Coordinating Conjunctions
Subordinating Conjunctions
You probably don't have plans to stay up 11 days straight, but if you're like most kids, you'll pull an occasional late-nighter to finish your history essay.
Correlative (pairs)
neither, nor
not only, but also
either, or
both, and
Conjunctions connect words and phrases and clauses...
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