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The Crane's Gift

Also known as Tsuru no Ongaeshi (鶴の恩返し)

Alexandra Turner

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of The Crane's Gift

The Crane's Gift
A long time ago, a poor elderly couple lived in the countryside.
When he came upon a crane that had been caught in a trap.
He took pity on the distressed animal,
and set it free.
Then one night, in the middle of a winter snowstorm,
She explained that she had gotten
lost on the way to visit relatives,
a beautiful girl appeared on the couple's doorstep.
But at the end of this time she had grown so close to the older couple that she begged them to let her stay, and they happily accepted.
The storm raged on and kept the girl from traveling for several days.
Because they were in dire need of money, the girl offered to weave cloths of silk
but only if the couple not to watch her while she worked.
For three days she stayed in her room,
and finally emerged with a stunningly beautiful cloth.
However, the old man and woman's curiosity grew to be too much, and they peeked into the girl's room while she was weaving a second cloth.
They were shocked to discover none other than a crane,
plucking feathers from its body to weave into the silk.
After finishing the second cloth, the girl came to them and admitted she was the crane the old man had saved from the trap.
She had only wanted to repay her debt and live with them as their daughter, but now that they had seen her true form she would have to leave.
So with a sorrowful heart, the girl transformed back into a crane and flew off
never to see the couple again.
The End
a beautiful girl appeared on the couple's doorstep.
The old couple sold the cloth for a fair price
And was thankful for the girl's efforts to help them.
However, the old man and woman's curiosity grew to be too much,
and asked if she could stay the night.
and they finally looked into the girl's room while she was weaving.
One day, the old man was on his way to sell firewood in the nearby village
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