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What us the history of Photography and how has it evolved?

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Lucienne Eagar

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of What us the history of Photography and how has it evolved?

For my IRT I decided to study the history of photography :) What is the history of Photography and how has it evolved? Factual Text For IRT we had to read a novel related to our topic, then write a review. My Book Review Each week, we had to write a minimum of three entries in our log book. Journal entries I wrote my own short story about a boy called Oliver who finds a camera that acts as a time portal. I really enjoyed writing my narrative, as I was free for ideas. :) Narrative For my fine arts I decided to do a fashion photographers scrapbook. First of all I selected photographs that simply appeal to me, but that didn't work so I chose a theme. What you see on the canvas is a collection of fashion photographs. It shows how many different styles of photography, even with the same subject manner. It took me around a week, to gather my pictures and start gluing. FINE ARTS ??????????????????? Questions? Thanks for watching!! I just knew all this stuff from the top of my head! Haha! No, I had to spend time looking through books and different sites to find my facts and information. It took loads of time and then I had to check if this information was true. So without further adue, heres my bibliography! :) Bibliography Don't get this muddled up with my fine arts, all it is a picture related to my topic, which has then been photo shopped with cool and different effects six times. :) POP ART! As most of you guys probably already know, photography is sort of like an art that uses a camera. Today when most people think of cameras they think of digital ones or the latest model. But a few centuries ago, it wasn't quite like that...How do I know? I spent this whole term studying it...and here's what I learned... :) What is photography? CAMERA OBSCURA! How did cameras start? The subject Dark Box Pinhole Reflected Image! The Kodak The Brownie Camera
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