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Mehmet Okuyan

on 1 June 2016

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10 Virtues of Leadership
- Moral Courage
Trait Theory
- Intelligence
- Self-confidence
- Determination
- Sociability
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire
- Polity : Absolute monarchy, Parliamentary monarchy
- Population : 35,350,000 estimated in 1856
- Capital : Constantinople (İstanbul)
- Language : Ottoman Turkish
- Religion : Islam
- 17th century the empire contained 32 provinces
- The Ottoman Empire was the one of the largest and longest lasting Empires in history.
- Inspired and sustained by Islam and Islamic institutions.
- One legacy of the Islamic Ottoman Empire is the robust secularism of modern Turkey.
- The Ottoman Empire was successfull because of highly centralised, ruled by a single family for 7 centuries, respect to different cultures and religions.
- The Ottoman Empire was a Turkish and Islamic empire between 1299 and 1923
- Location : South Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.
Fatih Sultan Mehmet
- He was born on 30 March 1432 in Edirne, Turkey
- He was Sultan of Ottoman Empire for 32 years.
- Knew 6 languages. Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Latin, Greek and Italian.
- Good education about Science, Philosophy, Religion, Greek literature, Military.
- He had a statesman who was assigned as the tutor of the young princes.
- Moral Vision
- Compassion and Care
- Fairness
- Good Timing
- Deep Selflessness
Skills Approach
- Technical Skill
- Human Skill

- Directing
Situational Approach
- Directive
- Supportive
- Participative
Path-goal Theory
Who are his followers?
Mehmed the Conqueror
- Came to the throne when he was 12 years old.
- He went to many war with his father.
- Important letter to his father from him.
- Came to the throne again when he was 19.
- He destroyed to 1000 years old Byzantine Empire when he was 21 years old.
Fatih Sultan Mehmet
- He was killed by poisoning 3 May 1481 in İstanbul, Turkey
- The Ottoman Empire reached its largest territorial extent until that time.
- Respected to different religions.
- Managed the 2 empires, 4 kingdoms and 11 principalities.
- His sultan's signature, Sword, White Horse.
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