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Alternative genre: Analysis .1

No description

Matt Howard

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Alternative genre: Analysis .1

Alternative genre:
Analysis .1

Main Story
Unlike many magazines the main story is slightly off center, possibly showing that it wants to break free of any mold. More over, we can see how competitive and serious hip hop is from the title. We can see this through the line 'Suicide is not an option'
Sub Stories
Fitting with the font of the cover, the sub stories seem industrial and urban. It again sticks to the urban/city feel of the magazine. An area where hip hop is centered.
Main Image
The main image is very striking and could be seen as quite controversial, how ever it fits with hip hop culture. Which is known for its rivalries and violence, thus the image works well. From it we can infer the artist is very serious about his music.
The Masthead is done in a similar style to NME, being partly covered. This shows it is a well recognised brand. Being called the 'Source' it implies it is where everything hip hop starts, this makes it seem very prestigious
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