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Presidents' Day

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Julie Thomas

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day
Which presidents have been heroes or champions for human rights?

What are human rights?

Equality of all people
Civil Rights
Establish programs to help people in our country and around the world
Work to keep peace between countries
Diplomacy- the art and practice of conducting negotiations (compromises) between nations
Advancing technology, education, healthcare
George Washington

President Jimmy Carter
Ulysses S. Grant
President from 1869-1877.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt was president from 1901-1909.
He was a great leader and won a Nobel Peace Prize for helping to create peace between Japan and Russia.
He also supported independence for the Philippines.
He fought for both African American
and Native American
Civil Rights.
John F. Kennedy
He was president from 1933 to 1945 (the longest any president has ever served).
President from Jan 1961 to Nov 1963
President Gerald Ford
President Abraham Lincoln
President Jimmy Carter did a lot for human rights. He helped negotiate a peace treaty for Isreal and Egypt. After he finished being president, he continued to work for peace and human rights.
He received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.
Served 1861-1865
President Gerald Ford attempted to protect Vietnamese citizens who had helped support the United States' war efforts.
President Jimmy Carter was the 39th President.
On January 1, 1863 the Emancipation Proclamation was created by President Lincoln.
This was President Lincoln's Declaration of Freedom for all slaves in confederate states.
William Taft helped human rights by creating the Department of Labor on March 4, 1913. This department was made to help ensure the safety of workers in their work areas.
He was a champion for human rights because he laid the groundwork for peace in World War II.
He also came up with the concept that founded the United Nations.
he made the biggest contributon

He was President from 1977-1981.
President George Washington was a general during the American Revolution and led his army to victory.
He helped write the Constitution.
George Washington owned slaves, but gave them their freedom.
to human rights
Thank you for watching our Prezi Presentation for Presidents' Day.
He established the Peace Corps. People join this program to help underdeveloped countries.
He was involved in the Civil Rights Movement and he fought for the voting rights of African Americans.
He fought for the rights of women. One of the ways he did that was by trying to make women get paid the same amount of money that men got paid. He worked closely with Eleanor Roosevelt to achieve this goal.
He helped write the Treaty of Paris to end the American Revolutionary War.
When France and Great Britain were fighting each other, he refused to choose sides and kept the United States from going to war.
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