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Evolution of agrression

No description

Dena Sehati

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of agrression

Evolution of aggression
Evolution and evolutionary psychology

BLOA (patterns of behaviour can be inherited)
Survival of the fittest/psychological adaption
Bobo doll experiment

Violent effects of abuse tied to genes
Violent effects of abuse tied to genes
Passed on to us by our ancestors struggle and history, being aggressive led to a higher chance of survival
Bobo doll experiment
Aim - if aggression is imitated
Method - male/female models presenting violent behavior
Result - Aggression was imitated in more violent ways
Violent effetcs of abuse tied to genes
(Medical Research Council Social, 2002)
Evaluation of theories
Violent or angry

Predatory or uncontrolled


Leads to violence

What causes aggression?
Laboratory experiment, Independent (models), dependent (aggression in kids), High internal and external, unethical, age bias, ethnicity bias
(Albert Bandura 1961)
2nd theory, easy to believe, adds
understanding of aggression,
though mostly justified through reason.
1st theory, backed up by studies, easy to believe, though how did it start?
Evolutionary theories of aggression
Children imitate their surroundings

Instinct has been passed on -
"survival of the fittest"

Aim - Why do some children grow up tp develop antisocial or aggressive behavior?
Method - Studying male children's behavior from birth to adulthood
Results - Those with low MAOA genotype less antisocial or aggressive behavior
Research study, Gender bias, no mention of ethnicity bias, high on external, low internal, ethical.
Aggression is something that is learned and passed on by being observed from other individuals.
Bobo doll
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