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Predictive Index Assessment & Curriculum Associates

No description

Shrina Amin

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Predictive Index Assessment & Curriculum Associates

Predictive Index Assessment
& Curriculum Associates

How will the PI help me?
Managing to team members strengths
Coaching your employees
Being aware of your team members communication needs (i.e. Employee A needs structure and goes "by the book", Employee B needs little to no structure)
Productive employees
Better management skills
Low turnover rate
"Right people on the bus, and in the right seats"
Improve communication
Strengthen team dynamic
OK, I like the PI test, what can you do for my team?
I can :
Monitor the PI survey
Conduct a 30 minute PI results debrief
Help create the Job PRO
What is the PI?

I'm cynical, I don't believe you...
Behavioral assessment tool
Measures people's motivations and drives in the workplace
Science based, data driven analysis of individuals
Why the PI?
Takes 5-10 minutes
Highly accurate, thorough, and nuanced data
8,000 clients around the world, been in business for 59 years. Run almost 2 million PIs a year
90% renewal rate
Better Management Skills
PI's use in Recruiting: "You can teach a turkey to climb a tree, but why not hire a squirrel"
Small part of our overall recruiting strategy
Share story about database manager
Top candidates for each role will be assigned a PI survey
PI Pro-benchmark created for each job, so we can objectively match a candidate to the job requirements
Low turnover rate
Understand new hire's motivations, communication style allowing the manager to on-board effectively
Know patterns of your team members
Identify team strengths and challenges (group analytic tool)
Know your own PI (how you communicate, how you manage)
Helps us understand how a person:
Makes decisions
Takes risks
“The PI assessment was so dead-on about me, it was scary.” - Mary Wilborg, Proofreader
"I found the results to be accurate and a very good source for personal career development. "- CA IT Employee
"Was amazed at the results, definitely on target"-Jaime Critch, Associate Product Manager
My PI Assessment results:
Connects quickly to others
Handles details accurately, but will become less effective if required to work on repetitive tasks
Takes risks
"Always selling"
What the manager needs to do:
provide opportunities for interaction with people
Flexibility, variety and some autonomy
"Who knew that by selecting from a list of self-awareness attributes, a program could yield such a detailed and accurate profile of work behavior and managerial tendencies." -John Prescott, Buyer/Planner
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