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Copy of When will telematics in China take off?

Telematics@China presentation by SBD

mark licht

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of When will telematics in China take off?

Today Tomorrow When will the market for telematics really take off? Andrew Hart Head of Advanced Research
SBD 'The definition of insanity... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results' - Albert Einstein Fastest growth in availability Hard to differentiate Unsustainable pricing models Huge number of players China after 5 years EU after 15 years USA after 18 years Split into... Upfront cost Free trial period Ongoing fees Europeans pay most (€500-€1,500)
US pay average (<€500)
Chinese mostly standard-fit Europeans mostly lifetime
US pay most ($100+)
China mostly not yet announced 6.8 13.1 27.2 Average length of free trial (in months) 60% of new car buyers replace their cars within 36 months 'Free trial' in China intended to cover full cost for first owner Acceptable for Premium segments - but viable for mass market? SBD estimates that given the small volume of connected cars in China, the ARPU if shared equally across all players would be 25% of the ARPU in USA or Europe New Experiences New Partnerships New Business Models New Technologies The search for the 'Killer App' is always on ...but it's less about what you offer, than how you offer it: Example 1 ProActive Traffic Example 2 Find My Driver The Problem Traffic info today is linked to route guidance
Drivers don't always need route guidance
But they do always need traffic info
What options do they have? The Solution The Problem Various 'Find My Car' Apps exist today
But all these apps create two perceptions:
Either a dumb driver
Or a dumb car The Solution Your car should know where you are, where you are going and how best to get there
With this information, the car can then prepare itself for the journey ahead The opportunities from... Big Data B2B
Data Sale B2App
Data Share In-house
Data Usage Subsidise services Helping you to... Speed-up innovation Improve development The 'Killer Experience' OEMs Insurers Service providers Govts. Telcos CE players App developers There is no shortage of players - but there is a shortage of meaningful collaborations to address common problems The key is not to be distracted by technology. HTML5 China runs the risk of falling into the 'Check-list' approach to developing telematics services When will the market for telematics really take off? What's needed to revolutionize the end-user experience? Cloud-based Driver Profile + End-to-end Ownership Strategy WiFi Direct Bluetooth 4.0 NFC LTE Augmented reality Artificial Intelligence Genivi Proximity sensors eUICC Many exciting advancements on the way When vehicle manufacturers stop selling telematics, and start selling experiences About SBD Connected Car Safe Car Secure Car Our topics Our services Our team Information Services Latest news from the industry
Interviews with key stakeholders Analytical reports
Interactive databases
End-user surveys
Feature forecasts Competitor benchmarking
Partner sourcing
Strategic advice End-to-end support Research Services Consulting Services The most experienced and dedicated telematics consultants in the industry Proportion of OE solutions # of players with OEM contracts www.sbd.co.uk
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