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Bram Stoker's Dracula

No description

Tilden Oliver

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Bram Stoker's Dracula

A Prezi by:
Tilden Oliver,
Addie Naton,
Hannah Mattioda,
and Annie Damianakes Bram Stoker's
Dracula Summary Style Characters Setting Jonathan Harker, solicitor, visits Transylvania to meet Dracula
At Castle Dracula:
Dracula never eats
Sees Dracula slithering outside of castle
Attacked by three vampire women
Never sees Dracula in daytime
Harker sends letters to Mina Exposition Jonathan escapes
Lucy gets three marriage proposals from:
Dr. John Seward
Quincey Morris
Arthur Holmwood
Lucy slowly becomes a vampire
Mina leaves to be with Jonathan
Lucy begins biting and killing children in town
Mina and Jonathan are married Rising Action Dr. Van Helsing convinces men to kill Lucy
Arthur drives a stake into Lucy's heart
Lucy's soul is freed
Dr. Seward and Van Helsing cut off Lucy's head and shove garlic in her mouth Climax Men realize Dracula is in England
The men and Mina share information and plan Dracula's murder
Dracula tries to turn Mina into a vampire
Dracula flees back to Transylvania
The men and Mina follow him Falling Action Mina and Van Helsing seal off Castle Dracula
Van Helsing kills female vampires
Jonathan and Quincey kill Dracula
Everyone is safe, except Quincey, who dies in battle Resolution Themes Love is Sacred Morality Good vs. Evil Christianity Journals Diaries Newspapers Formal Dracula Van Helsing Jonathan Harker Mina Harker Lucy Westenra Dr. Seward Arthur Holmwood Quincey Morris and Conversational and Telegrams and Logs Phonographs and DRACULA!!! THE END Written in characters' points of view. Dracula’s home is in the middle of the Carpathian mountains. This area creates circumstances
such as:
• Three seductive vampire ladies.
• Jonathan not being able to send letters.
• Jonathan can’t escape (no transportation).
• The seclusion with no real authority makes it easier for Dracula to victimize people. Transylvania Whitby Port Where Mina gets a hint that there is something hurting people in a suspicious way that she doesn't understand without Jonathan's journals.
• Lucy gets attacked by Dracula.
• Mina sees Dracula (in other form).
• The storm becomes as a good disguise for Dracula's attacks on the crew and its Captain. England is home for Mina and Jonathan.
• Where everyone reunites to defeat Dracula.
• A place that feels more safe than others.
• Characters feels the need to protect England from invaders (Dracula).
• Dracula is not able to stay in London because the soil enables him life/sleep London, England "Already he knows her sweetness and loving care; later on he will understand how some men so loved her, that they did dare much for her sake" (400). "I drew away, and his hand touched the string of beads, which held the crucifix. It made an instant change in him, for the fury passed so quickly that I could hardly believe that it was ever there"(26). "How dare you touch him, any of you? How dare you cast eyes on him when I had forbidden it? Back, I tell you all! This man belongs to me! Beware how you meddle with him, or you'll have to deal with me" (39-40). Blood-seeking vampire
Antagonist of the story
Leaves Transylvania for London
Has pale skin, sharp teeth, red lips, and un-human strength
Although he seems normal at first, he is intensely dark, obsessive and devious "As the Count saw us, a horrible sort of snarl passed over his face, showing the eve-teeth long and pointed:but the evil smile as quickly passed into a cold stare of lion-like disdain" (307). Lawyer
Travels into Transylvania
Unknowingly assists Dracula in his plan to move to London
Joins a band of people who hope to kill Dracula
Becomes more strategic and manipulative. "Take this stake in your left hand, ready to place the point over the heart, and the hammer in your right. Then when we begin our prayer for the dead- I shall read him, I have here the book, and others shall follow- strike in God's name, that so all may be well with the dead that we love and that the Un-Dead pass away" (216). Young and beautiful woman that three different characters simultaneously fall in love with
Accepts Arthur Holmwood's proposal
Is turned into a vampire by Dracula, and killed by Van Helsing, Quincey Morris, Arthur Holmwood, and Dr. Seward

Doctor in mental institution
Devoted to discovering the source of the injuries of vampire victims
Proposes to Lucy
Tries to save Lucy and Mina from Dracula's wrath Lucy's fiance
Stakes Lucy to save her soul from Dracula
Generous and compassionate
Works with friends to kill Dracula American man
Proposes to Lucy
Honorable and brave
Fights to the death with Dracula
Jonathan and Mina name their child after him Professor and vampire expert
Dr. Seward's teacher
Righteous and passionate
Leads group in killing Dracula Jonathan's kind and nurturing wife
Lucy's best friend
Joins Van Helsing's group to track down Dracula
Smart and devoted Formal Conversational Conversational Characters thoughts and actions
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