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No description

Alyssa Gallagher

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of climax

This is the author of the short story Mirror Image. Her name is Lena Coakley. She was born in a small coastal town of milford, Connecticut.

The story "Mirror Image" was actually inspired by a University writing assignment called "write about somebody with a brain transplate."
The story is science fiction because she was the first to survive a brain transplant,
The story relates to "Alice and Wonderland." Alice (main character of Mirror Image) & Alice & Wonderland are on a with themselves.
Alice in mirror image must discover what it is that defines her.
Alice and Wonderland must find her way "home."
Sedative: a drug taken for its calming or sleep-inducing effect.
Phychiatrist: a medical practictioner specializing in the diagnosis & treatment of mental illness.
Helpful Information
Plot Continued
not linear story, it starts in the middle and ends in the middle
it does not have a final conclusion, but the story does not end abruptley
since it ended in a non linear way it leaves the reader wanting more
the characters, settings and internal battles are very realistic, although the body transplate does seem surreal because science is not that advanced yet
there is no suspense in the story because it is non linear
The story takes place in the future, because the science if more advance then right now.
The story takes place in:
The Hospital : The mirrors in her room were removed.
Her Bedroom: Had a picture that her father had made in it.
Her Tv Room: Had a picture above the tv. (Family Portrait that her father had made.)
Bedford Avenue ( A street near where she lives):
The setting connects to the theme because she has a different perspective of her house, and how she views thing. That connects to her because she also has a different perspective towards herself.
A family got into a car accident, the father died and the mother and daughter were okay, the twin sister didn't. She needed a brain transplant in order to survive. A family donated a body so that she could live.
Exposition: The meeting of the family and friends, learning of Alice's insecurities
Incident: The car accident, Alice losing her body
Rising Action: Alice fighting with her sister
Climax: Alice finally accepts who she is now
Falling Action: Alice meets Gails father (Gail was the previous owner of her new body)
Conclusion: The father accepts that her daughter does not exist anymore

BY Lena Coakley
Presentation made by Alyssa Gallagher, Automne tuot, Sarah Vander Griendt and Kristal Wallace
Mirror Image
Point of view
This story is written in Omniscient narrative. The narrator tells the story with knowing the thoughts and feeling of multiple characters.
This affects the story in a positive way because it gives us a sense of what others were thinking during this experimental time of a brain transplant. This show us how the rest of the family and the world around her reacted to the change.
The narrative voice does not really contribute to the mood or tone because the narrative is telling the story like she see's it, but also writes about the emotions present in the story.

Flashbacks -- This story contains many flash backs. The author uses these flashbacks to tell parts of the story. She uses ---- these to indicate a change in chronological order.
Conflict ( Character V.S Self)-- This is present in the story through the recovery process because she has a problem with how she looks and she believed it would change over time (EX:"
Maybe I'll start looking like myself again. If I try hard enough. If I concentrate hard enough. Very slowly, over the course of years , my eyes will change colour... my face. It might...")
Verbal and Situational irony -- The title is ironic because usually when you look in the mirror the person you see is your self but in this case the person Alice sees is a stranger.
The protagonist of the story is named Alice. She is the brain of a young girl in the body of another girl named Gail. The minor characters of this short story are Alice’s sister Jenny and their mother and Gail, the body that the main character lives in.
There is important relationship between Alice and Gail, this could be considered as one character and also as two completely separate characters.
Alice has positive and strong personality traits. Even though she has been through a drastic change she remains strong and has a hopeful. The wish that Alice will get back to her life before her brain transplant is what motivates her.
At the beginning Alice does not accept her new body very much and cannot even look at “herself” in the mirror. Throughout the story Alice is able to accept her new body and understand that it is now Her body, and is her.

The story mirror image by Lena Coakley deals with the issues of battling with your outside apperence and learning to accept yourself
"The suprise and disbelief at seeing the reflection was a joke she played on herself over and over"
"Look at how dfferent my feet roll when I walk, and my hips feel different"
"Maybe I'll start looking like myself again, if I try hard enough"
How far will science go? Change in family and relationships,
The conflict in this short story is that Alice is now living in a new body and she does not see herself in her reflection. The conflict is internal, Alice vs. self. She is facing a battle with her own appearance.
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