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ASDnet--Empirically Validated Teaching

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Timothy Weil

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of ASDnet--Empirically Validated Teaching

Science, PseudoScience, AntiScience Empirically Validated Treatments
Empirically Supported Treatments
Evidence Based Practices APA
& Well-Established Treatments Science PseudoScience AntiScience Applied Behavior Analysis Not a treatment Not an approach A Field--A Discipline Autism Interventions: Mixed Mush & Fairy Dust Empirically Validated Treatments Require
EmpiricallyValidated Teaching Techniques

Timothy M. Weil, Ph.D., BCBA
Applied Behavior Analysis
Masters Program @ USF at least 2 good between group design experiments demonstrating efficacy in one or more of the following ways Superior to pill, psychological placebo, or another treatment
Equivalent to an already established treatment OR A large series of single case design experiments (n>9) demonstrating efficacy. These experiments must have: used good experimental designs
compared the intervention to another treatment Further criteria include:
must include treatment manuals
client characteristics must be clearly specified
effects must have been demonstrated by at least 2 different investigators or teams of investigators Scientist-Practitioner is
primary focus in application WHAT treatment, by WHOM is most effective for THIS individual with THAT specific problem, under WHICH set of circumstances? To answer these questions we
use single-case designs
collect many data points
we care about variability in performance
minute changes in teaching can be made
the goals
clear improvement
understanding of learning needs of child
generality of repertoires
natural maintenance So Now
How does
Qualify? But that is application... far from adequate for
Evidence Based Practice Let's Take a look at
the research that has been done! on Setting
Hart & Risley early 70's
Lovaas 80's, 90's
Hart & Rogers-Warren late 70's
Koegel & Koegel 80's, 90's, 00's on Generality via Milieu Training
Stokes & Baer 1977
Cavallaro & Bambara, 1982
Warren, et al 1984
Warren & Gazdag, 1990 What does Milieu Training provide?
multiple exemplars
loose structure (no rigid stim control)
contextually-based language targets
targets are functional (read: expressive) from child's perspective Milieu Training
incidental teaching/baiting enviornment
time delay
mand-model procedure (involves intraverbals)

This term is sometimes inclusive of Discrete Trials as well on Prompting
Terrace 1963 discrimination learning errorless/errorful
Hart 1970's
Risely & Reynolds, 1970 emphasis as a prompt
Schriebman 1975 intra/extra stimulus
Wacker & Berg 1983 pictoral
Odom et al 1989 prompt fading
Touchette 7 Howard, 1984 errorless learning
Krantz & McClannahan, 1993 script fading on Contingencies
Schedules of reinforcement
Preference assessment
Functional & non-functional
Mixed, concurrent
Intrinsic/Extrinsic on Terms
Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention on Terms
Verbal Behavior Approach Guess What?
Depending on Who you Talk to, the "VB/ABA" Approach may or may not be considered an Evidenced Based Practice Their approach combines variations involved in what is called Milieu Training
child leads
multiple, naturally occurring examples
explicit prompting to utilize language
naturally occurring consequences
involvement of caregivers in teaching My View on this is that between ABA and Speech-Pathology, We have ample evidence
A Cumulative Record of Success But there's more To Close I Will Hope That You
Can See That Validation of ABA
Principles & Procedures Is

Cumulative Record of Success! Their approach is based on Skinner's
Analysis of Verbal Behavior

Brilliant in design
Looked at language as behavior
Identified form, things that typically preceeded it, and how it functioned
biggest hit to the "VB" approach is that it is not Empirically Validated
But, I will argue, IT does not need to be--IT is only a taxonomy of behaviors
What needs validated is how you teach it...sooo Mentalism Stinks SDKFJSLDKLFJL SLDDFKJ'DW
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