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Forty Acres And Maybe A Mule

No description

C Baker

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Forty Acres And Maybe A Mule

Chapter 1: Gideon's Return
This is about Gideon returning to get Pascal and tell him he is free.But he wanted to see his mom but Pascal told Gideon that their mom got shot.Before they left Nelly told Pascal"Im like your sister;"So Gideon and Pascal took Nelly with them."
Forty Acres And Maybe A Mule
Harriette Gillem Robinet

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Chapter 3:Travel to 9 Towns
In this chapter Nelly,Gideon,and Pascal went to 9 towns and all of the men said go back to their master.
The setting was at a plantation in South Carolina.It is also took place outside in Georgia in 1865.
Chapter 2: Lost
In this chapter Pascal and Nelly were lost in the woods.Then Pascal Got worryed that Nelly would get scared.But they found Gideon in the road.
Chapter 4: The Union League
In this part they found the Republicans and they talked about how the 40 acres and maybe a mule.
Figurative language
(pg.49)She was as tall as Gideon,Pretty as a redbird in a pine tree.simile
(Pg.2)His heart seem to burst with happiness.Personification
pg.59)His brother jaw hung like a mouse in a cats claw jaw.simile
Chapter5:The Republicans
In this chapter the Republicans organizers and crowd freed slaves scattered.Also they gave a speech.
(Pg.2) Cause:Pascals mom got shot so She died.
(Pg.39) Cause: Pascal and Gideon to a tore up bridge then they almost felled
The End
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