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NSLI-Y Study Abroad

Why studying abroad will be a great experience and is safer than perceived.

Eric Arellano

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of NSLI-Y Study Abroad

NSLI-Y Study Abroad A great, safe experience What is it? Complete scholarship to study Arabic for two months in either Amman, Jordan I would... Learn a year's

worth of Arabic Immerse myself in a different culture Live with a certified host family Learn more about myself Why go? Help get into college Help with America's reputation abroad Meet new people Safety Application Process My maturity and responsibility Rabat or Marrakesh,

Morocco Or Muscat, Oman Explore famous landmarks,

such as the ruins of Petra The US Department of

State picks each country NSLI-Y gives extensive preparation before departure Three days in DC before departure There is an embassy or consulate in each possible city They constantly monitor the situation 24-hour emergency response

plan, including evacuation Oman, Jordan, and Morocco are not as dangerous as you think Marrakesh or Rabat, Morocco Muscat, Oman "There have been no instances in which U.S. citizens or facilities in Oman have been subject to terrorist attacks." travel.state.gov "The incidence of street crime is low in Oman; violent crime is rare by U.S. standards, but can occur. Crimes of opportunity remain the most likely to affect visitors." travel.state.gov Oman is ruled by a very progressive Sultan He has helped to make Oman one of the most respected, peaceful, and prosperous countries in the Middle East Learning about health and safety This is followed by talks from the US embassies in the specific host city General threat of terrorism
Stay vigilant and culturally aware "I seriously love the people of Morocco. Overall, everyone here is so nice. " -Sahiti, current student in Rabat Constitutional Monarchy

with a Parliament Help get jobs and interships Amman, Jordan
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