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Personality Project

No description

Taylor Brasfield

on 28 March 2018

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Transcript of Personality Project

Dream analysis
In many of my dreams, I'm usually peeing, not on myself but in the bathroom. The hidden meaning behind the dream is said that it represents lacking control over your life. It also symbolizes a feeling of rejection. I agree with this 100% because that's usually how i feel on the nights that i have those dreams.
Personality Project
6 Word Stories
Go lay in bed all day.
Don't give up on your future.
Stop lashing out on everyone here.
Keep calm, everything will be okay.
I'm glad you never gave up.
You try your best every day.
Stop self pitying all the time.
keeping it real with every one.
stays in room every single day.
external is the reason i fail.
Personality to the outside world
My most common personalities that people gave me were, "funny", "feisty" and "trustworthy" but i also got, "closed off", "shy" and "serious". I wasn't surprised because depending on the people, i treat my friends differently because they're all different people. I didn't expect anything else. I feel my friends described me pretty well.
Birth Order
I am the second child out of 6 kids, some of which are half siblings and step. The website says the second child is the "peacemaker" and says that i may have grown up more rebellious, competitive and is constantly trying to do better than others. i don't agree with any of this besides being the rebellious and peacemaker child. I'm not competitive almost at all and I don't really care if im better than others.
Personality type
When taking the personality tests, both of which said I am extroverted. Both tests agreed with my personality almost spot on! The tests said i am more intuitive than observant, I focus more on feeling than i do on thinking, I am prospecting instead of judging and I am more observant than i am turbulent. I do agree with the personality test because i am very outgoing but i could be very emotional at the same time. I tend to be more assertive in social situations than i am turbulent. I do agree with the tests.
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