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Dan, Michael, Derek

presentation #2

Michael Lemke

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Dan, Michael, Derek


DATE: 10/23/13
CREATED BY: Dan, Michael, Derek
TEAM: DMD Construction Inc.
Putting an ad in the newspaper for extra workers, and thinking of paying them $2 less than the regular workers. But we will give the extra workers an extra 4-5 hours a week.
We feel that we should pay the extra workers what we pay our regular workers.
Any extra hours available should be first come first serve.
The extra workers and the regular workers seem to get along at this time. Work is being completed in a timely manner, and done corectly.
The root of the problem involves the fact that we have two teams of workers, one permanent, the other temporary.

Our goal is to ensure that all workers feel that they are valued equally.
Pay is a key issue here.

If there are opportunities for temporary workers to become regular employees either in the short term or the long term, it is important to publicize those opportunities and their associated pay raises. Make sure temps know that if they put in their all, they have a chance to join the regular team.
Create a positive environment where friendly communication helps employees to know they are valued by supervisors and co-workers.

One idea might be to organize a social “get to know your co-workers” event, with some team-building exercises which are both fun and constructive.
No conflicts at this point in time.
Regular workers might have some hidden resentment that might affect job performance in the future.
If problems continue to arise, professional workshops on interpersonal communication and conflict resolution may help to reduce tensions. It is important for permanent and temporary employees to understand their roles within the organization.
Quickie-Mart hired us as their construction company to build the their new Quickie-Mart in the Phoenix area. We helped decide the best foundation type for the extreme weather conditions and we discussed an attached storage facility. We begin construction next year.
We feel equal pay is needed to keep the playing field equal and help keep some peace between the workers. As well as offer the extra hours as a first come first serve basis so that they all have an equal opportunity.
Create a friendly environment through collaboration and communication. Get to know your coworkers social and workshops.

When Meeting with Quickie Mart they said we had permission to start construction on July 14th, 2014. They requested the slab-on-grad type of foundation given they don't have need of a basement. However they would like an extra add-on as a well isolated storage facility.
There are extreme weather conditions in Arizona. Quickie Mart must make a final decision on one of the following styles of foundation, basement, crawl space, slab-on-grade. For us factors will include cost of supplies, agriculture of the area, and weather conditions at time of installation of foundation.
DMD Construction Inc.
DMD Construction Inc. prides itself on the skill and professionalism provided to its commercial businesses as a valuable investment. We seek to provide modern techniques, while being a company that can provide energy efficiencies in our building materials. For the commercial businesses we demonstrate attributes of being trustworthy, friendly, and transparency. When we outsource parts of the construction, we only hire trusted local companies that hold true to our same values of professionalism and quality work. We make sure to work efficiently and effectively, while maintaining a high safety standard and hold strict to governmental laws and regulations while on the job.
Thank You
DMD Construction Budget Outline
Estimated budget outlines that represent an estimated price for Quickie Mart.
We specialize in the construction of commercial buildings and the Quickie Mart corporation has just hired us to build a new Quickie Mart in Phoenix, Arizona. Since the location is in extreme temperatures, what certain precautions will need to be taken in the laying of foundation
This approach will motivate our workers not only to work harder, but also to befriend employees. We want all temporary workers to get along well with their possible future teammates—especially since the opinions of those team members probably have some bearing on permanent hiring considerations.
In the early stages of the new construction project, conflict emerges between the regular construction crew and the newly hired temporary workers.
Of the 15 extra workers we hired for this job, 5 of them we feel are fitting for a full time position but further evaluation will be assessed in the circumstantial section.
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