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Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements

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Lindsay Morrow

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements

Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements
Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements
Also known as sculptered nails

Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Can Be Applied in 3 Different Ways:
1. On the natural nail as an overlay

2. Over a nail tip

3. On a form to create a nail extention
What is the best brush to use when applying and why?
* Natural Hair Bristle (Pointed, Round or Oval)

* Natural Hair Bristles hold the monomer liquid like a reservoir
What are the 3 versions of monomer liquid?
Ethyl Methacrylate
Methyl Methacrylate
Curing or hardening, a chemical reaction that creates polymers.
Mono- meaning one, mer meaning unit.
So Monomer is one unit called a molecule.

Poly- meaning many.
So Polymer means a substance created by combining many molecules (monomer) into a very long, chain-like structure.
Which is illegal in North Dakota?
Start a chain reaction that leads to the creation of very long polymer chains.

These are found in polymer powder and cause monomer molecules to permanently link together
Chain Reaction
Also known as polymerization reaction. The process that joins together monomers to create very long polymer chains.
When does this process begin?
The initiator that is added to polymer powder is Benzoyl Peroxide. This is the same ingredient found in over the counter acne medication.
What is the difference?
Monomer Liquid
Polymer Powder
Nail Dehydrator
Nail Primer
Nail Forms
Nail Tips
Dappen Dish
Nail Brush
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