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ladybird animal sanctuary

civics culminating assignment

Erica Wilson

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of ladybird animal sanctuary

Culminating Assignment
The foundation I choose to do my culminating assignment on was the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.

" A volunteer run, donor funded foster and adoption network with a big heart! "

The Ladybird Animal Sanctuary does not have a physical location right now, they are still working on it. They operate as an outreach, rescue, foster and adoption network rather than a shelter facility as of now.
The Sanctuary is run entirely on donations and kindness from the public. Every penny donated goes towards helping all the animals, which includes the cost of keeping the animals healthy, happy and safe.
Long Term Goals
The sanctuary’s goal is to purchase a property and home base which will fit a large number of animals. It will give them the ability to rescue farm animals, and secure a permanent place for animals that are considered “un-adoptable”. They will allow visitors, and the make educational and or theraputic programs that will help the animals and owners.
Reason for creation
Ladybird Animal Sanctuary was created to make a safe place for dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals who have no place to call home. They give them lots of love, shelter, food and any medical attention they need. The animals stay in the sanctuary’s care until a forever home can be found for them.
This animal sanctuary helps reduce the huge number of pets euthanized in Ontario by rescuing from high-kill shelters.
The three ladies who made the Sanctuary have been freinds for a long time and used to be singers/songwriters together. Then they promised eachother to stay commited to the Sanctuary and make it better!
How They Get Known
Ladybird Animal Santuary takes advantage of social media to get their animals to their forever homes. They have a homepage, facebook page, instagram, & twitter. These were very helpful when I needed to find my information about them.

When you adopt thee animals has been; check by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered (dogs, cats and rabbits), de-wormed (dogs and cats), flea treatment (dogs and cats), microchip (dogs and cats.) Costs range from 15-200 dollars depending on the animal.
Gift cards, dry cat and kitten food, dog food, cat carriers, cat beds, cages and crates, exercise pens, animal toys, cat litter, timothy hay, gerbal food, leashes, treats, MONEY etc...
Websites Used


Ladybird Animal Sanctuary
by Erica Wilson
Ladybird Animal Sanctuary contributes
by keeping the animals in a safe place rather
than in a high kill shelter.
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