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No description

Jaden holmes

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Sun

It is a renewable resource because we use the sun every day. The sun is found in the galaxy.
How is the sun processed?
The light from the sun gives humans and plants heat. The heat keeps humans warm and helps plants grow.
Without the sun we are done.
Without the sun humans can't survive. We need the sun to grow food and for the energy.
There are no alternatives for the sun. There are no alternatives because the sun is irreplaceable. There is only one sun.
Humans can conserve sun by...
We store some of it, and so does the Earth itself, but there's a limit to how much we can conserve without overheating the planet.
Conserving the sun.
One way we conserve the sun is by heating water. Also plants change sunlight into energy.
Humans process the sun by..
The sun is a Natural and Renewable Resource.
We use the sun for solar energy.
Milky Way
In Conclusion
The sun is very important. We need the sun to survive.
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