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4.05 Adaptations of Organisms

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Karina Hleuka

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of 4.05 Adaptations of Organisms

Coral Reef Dweller! Body Type and Adaptations Habitat and Coloration Diet and Predators The foods that are best suited for this fish are smaller fish such as plankton. The body patterns of this fish help it to blend into it's environment of coral. The Blender fish's body type allows it to swim quickly and hide easily from predators. The Blender fish is also able to swim continuously, and has a mouth on top.

The Blender Fish is similar to the already existing, Butterfly fish. The are similar because they both have similar fins and mouth shapes. The body of the Blender fish is somewhat compact, and is about medium sized when compared to other fish. The compact body of this fish helps it to fit into small crevices, which help it to avoid it's predators awaiting mouth!
The Blender is specially adapted to it's environment by it's body colors, and it's ability to swim at a faster speed than its neighboring fish. The Blender fish lives mainly in a coral reef environment because it best blends into the colors of the coral reef.
The coloration of the Blender fish is almost opaque, so that the colors of the coral reef can be seen through it so that it is camouflaged with it's surroundings. The diet of the Blender fish is mainly is mainly smaller organisms, such as plankton and some anemones. Because it is the same color as the anemones it is eating, it's predators can not see it. The predators of the Blender fish include larger fish who prey on medium sized fish. Adaptations Blender Fish Scuba Adventures
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