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Candy Shop six traits

No description

Sara (L) Cevallos

on 10 August 2011

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Transcript of Candy Shop six traits

Candy Store Ideas The ideas in a candy store are all the different types of candy
that you put in your candy store. It is simlilar to the ideas in
a piece of writing because the ideas are what you decide to put
in your writing. Organization The organization in a candy store
is how the different types of candy
are organized in the candy store,
because organization is how you
organize each part of your writing
so it makes sense. Voice Voice is the unique flavor of
each candy in the candy shop,
because voice makes your
writing unique, and shows
yourself in your writing. Word Choice Word choice is how each candy looks,
that makes the shopper want to buy
them. Word choice in your writing makes
people want to read it because it makes
your writing strong and interesting. Sentence Fluency The senctence fluency is the
different sizes of each candy,
because sentence fluency is the
different lengths of the sentences
in your writing. Conventions The broom is the conventions
in a candy shop, because it cleans
every dirty spot in the candy shop,
to make it nice and perfect. The
conventions in your writing correct
any mistake you have to make
your writing perfect. Broom Different sizes Types of candy Organized candy Apperance of each candy Flavor
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