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How To Get 1,000 Followers on Twitter Fast FREE Way

How I got almost 1,800 true Twitter Followers in less than a month and generated over 100 leads

Jen Hawkins

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of How To Get 1,000 Followers on Twitter Fast FREE Way

Decide Who You Would Like to
Follow You Choose those that would be possible leads for your business

Write a list of what type of person you are looking for

Example: Other Network Marketers, Health and Fitness Type People, Work at Home Moms and Dads, etc Remove Unfollowers I found that when I follow 250 people a day, preferably those that have just tweeted within minutes I get at least 75-100 new followers

Start removing unfollowers on the 3rd day, use Tweepi to unfollow those that have not followed you back

I usually choose those that have not tweeted in 2 days or more www.workwithjenhawkins.com How to Get 1,000+
Twitter Followers for FREE Use Tweepi or Twellow
Both Are FREE There are two websites you can go on to find
people on twitter without individually looking for
a person and their profile

Twellow is basically a Yellow Pages for Twitter, I personally like Twellow because you can categorize people by interest and read their profile at the same time Follow 250 People a Day I know that may sound like a lot but if you use Tweepi it will go by quickly

You can add up to 20 people at a time on a single page, so that's only about 13 pages you have to go through

Do this everyday, but make sure you pick people that may be interested in what you are marketing Tweepi is another great site, you can remove/add several people at one time and follow people that are following someone else in your industry Congrats You Should Have
1,000 Followers or Very Close After at least 2 weeks you should have 1,000 or more followers

If not please continue using Tweepi consistently everyday until you get there

Don't be greedy, or your account could get frozen from following too many people in one day

Once you have followed 1,999 people don't add anymore until you have the same amount or at least 10% less, rules could change though Online Business and Marketing Coach Visit now or send an email to jhawkinsmarket@aweber.com for more FREE Tips
on ALL types of Marketing today!
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