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The Cost of a Great Vacation to Hershey Park

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Jasmine Loubriel

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of The Cost of a Great Vacation to Hershey Park

We are going to stay at Hershey Lodge for 2 nights at a rate of $259 per night. The total cost for the lodging of the entire trip is $518.
What's the Cost of Lodging?
Hershey Park Admission
Tuesday, June 17th 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
How much will we spend on gas???????
We got

3 pretzels
3 churros
1 order of nachos
1 order of curly fries
3 orders of popcorn
3 cotton candies
6 snow cones
6 ice creams
6 pieces of candy
For a Grand Total of: $93!
The Cost of a Great Vacation to Hershey Park
By : Jasmine, Phoebe, Jonathan, Jack

This journey from Long Island, New York to and from Derry Township, Pennsylvania takes approximately 380 miles. Our car for this trip will be a Hyundai, or small car. A small car uses 35 miles per gallon and each gallon costs $2.60. To find out how much we will spend on gas we divided 380 miles by 35 mpg and then multiplied that by $2.60 per gallon to get the gas total as $28.23.

Theme park admission for 3 days is regularly $107.00 per person which comes out to be a total of $642.00 for the six people in our group. This is the cost without any discount. With the discounts we will pay $590. We got these coupon discounts from places like Dunkin Donuts and simple promo codes from coupon sites.
In Hershey Park they have something called a meal ticket that cost $13.75 per person per day for 3 meals. The total cost of food for 3 days is $247.50. This is the cost for only the 3 main meals. Snacks
Each person in our group got one souvenir

We got-
1 Hershey Tye Dye Hoody for $44.99
2 character plush bendy's for $29.98 (total)
1 hershey bar pillow for $24.99
2 character plush beanies $17.98 (total)

For a total of $117.94

The Grand Total Is.....
Lodging- $518
Dining and Snacks- $340.50
Gas- $28.23
Theme Park Admission- $590
Souvenirs- $117.94
For a Total of $1594.67
We saved $3405.33!!
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