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Interactive Whiteboard

No description

Jolene Lewis

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards can be defined/described in the following ways:

large interactive panels/boards
usually mounted; some are portable
touch screen sensitive
usually comes with a stylus or special pen
requires a projector and computer
Best Practices
Some of the best practices or reasons to use interactive whiteboards in the classroom include:

to clarify information
to share or display audio and visual files
to navigate the Internet
operate softwares and programs
to save and print numerous documents
to share students work
to promote active engagement
to accomodate those with special needs
Examples of Use to Enhance Student Learning
Students can use this technology for the following:

to access various programs/softwares
to create and play movies
to conduct research/navigate Internet
to complete activities displayed
to play games/activities online
In conclusion, an interactive whiteboard is:

technological device useful in schools
durable and more efficient
fairly easy to use
digitally interactive with numeous capabilities
an assistive technology tool
Interactive Whiteboards
nteractive Whiteboards Defined

Useful Technologies in Education
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