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Follow us on our Data Management journey!

Scope4mation 2013. Please visit us for more exciting journeys! http://www.scope4mation.com

Marcel van de Steeg

on 30 November 2018

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Transcript of Follow us on our Data Management journey!

Follow us on our Data Management Journey!
What is Data Management?
Data management is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures in order to manage the information lifecycle needs of an enterprise in an effective manner.

Data life cycle management (DLM) is a policy-based approach to managing the flow of an information system's data throughout its life cycle: from creation and initial storage to the time when it becomes obsolete and is deleted.

How can we achieve this?
Understand our internal processes
Ask questions:
Define what can be automated?
How far can we go?
What's really needed?
Departments/people involved?

HR is the primary entrance for people
Document share
Service Desk
Realtime or near-realtime overview of where a Person is registered
# new employees per dept/month
Additional case info
"We want to be more in control of our employee
onboarding proces!"
Assignment from the board
The business values we deliver!
Think about:
Prevention of Business risks (focus on BIAs)
Direct insight into dependencies between IT and business relationships
Reliable and readily available information in order to plan and execute controlled changes
Demonstrably correct information for accountancy
Be in control regarding governance
Process validation & optimization

Scope4mation was founded in 2004 and developed powerful data management solutions including easy maintainable integrations with the required applications.

Scope4mation delivers its solutions through and in close cooperation with specialized knowledge partners and software vendors who integrate our software in their applications in order to excel in their own data management and application integration capabilities.
Our Mission
Scope4mation develops software solutions that enable organizations to manage data in a powerful way. We realize secure and fast connections between local and cloud-based applications at the lowest possible cost. Our best in class software ensures that these links quickly and without the need for programming can be realized.
Our Vision
In our world there are no boundaries and only bridges to build. This applies to our solutions, the way we care about our customers and last but not least our corporate identity.
Solution Key features
The company
Data Manager Platform
Create person account in OU
Document portal:
Add user to department List
Service Desk:
Create Login Account
Operation & Evaluation
Use case example
Input & Trigger
Use Case: Onboarding
Contact us for more info!
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