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7 Elements Of Culture Project

No description

trey wideman

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of 7 Elements Of Culture Project

Customs & Traditions
Traditions- Thanksgiving: Everyone goes to my Grandmas for dinner.

Christmas Eve: Everyone goes to my Grandma's and opens gifts from extended family.
Social Organzations
My family believesin Christianity.
We don't go to church every week but we go mostly every other week.
Arts & Literatures
Arts- Music: Rap, Hip-Hop
Sports: Football, Basketball, Track, Rugby
7 Elements Of Culture Project

-Trey Wideman

Nuclear Family- Mom-Catherine(45) Dad-Mike(53) Sister-Natey(23) Brother-Jalen(17)
Extended Family- 2 grandmas, lots of Cousins,
aunts, and uncles.
School- Sycamore High School
Ethnicity- African American
All of family speaks English. We have no certain dress code, No set body language.
Household rankings:
(1) Stepdad
(2) Mom
I earn money by doing chores. I
Haven't had any real jobs yet. And I use
The US Dollar.
There are many different cultures in the
world. Every single culture stands out
in its own way. My favorite aspect(s) of my culture is music, religion, and traditions.
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