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No description

amy fuentes

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of sybil

Why do Sybil's hand go numb?
Sybil's has Dissociative Identity Disorder and something triggered it and reminded her of the time she was just a young girl and they tied her hands with dishtowels.
What technique does Dr. Wilbur use to bring out Sybil's personalities?
What is the "purple?"
The color purple represented Sybil's anger towards her mother. Sybil's mother had locked her in a wheat box, Sybil had a purple crayon and she would color inside the wheat box to let people know she was in there.
Might Sybil have had a predisposition for psychopathology? why? What might have been a predisposition for her dissociation?
Yes because her mom was schizophrenic that could been biological and passed down to Sybil, due to her abuse it was more severe.
Why are Sybil's hands tied with towels?
Her mom tied her hands up with towels to restrain sybil and hoist her up on the pulley to put her in the box.
Describe Mary

Mary was a personality that was like her grandmother. Sybil loved her grandmother very much and felt safe around her.
Dr. Wilbur used psychoanalysis by analyzing Sybil's dreams and used triggers that would bring out certain personalities. For example, anytime Dr. Wilbur would bring up the green kitchen Peggy would immediately come out of Sybil's conscious.
Do you feel the type of therapy used to help Sybil was beneficial?
Yes, Dr. Wilbur was loving and patient for the most part and did not try to push her over the edge. She took the time to talk to each of Sybil's personalities and get to know them and what they were afraid of in order to help her.
Discuss one other therapy that you feel could have been effective in helping Sybil. List two things you would have implemented in therapy
I think another form of therapy that could have helped Sybil would be systematic desensitization, that would slowly make her face her fears in a relaxed manner such as making her see her house or showing her pictures that would remind her of her childhood. Also I feel like she would have benefited from using anti-anxiety medication to help prevent her from having her panic attacks or her episodes.

As a result of watching this movie, how was your view of psychological disorders changed?
I believe that our view before this movie was that people with disorders were just "crazy" but this movie shows the type of abuse that can cause a normal person to suffer with an extreme sickness.
Sybil's mother would abuse her by hitting her and knocking her down. She would also lock her up in a wheat box and gave her enemas and would not let her urinate until she finished a song on the piano.
What things does Sybil's mother do to abuse Sybil?
By: Amy Fuentes, Leslie Torres, Lisseth Lopez, Mychaela Collier, Benjamin
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