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Grammar lesson, present tenses

Present Simple and Present Continuous

Charlotte Jordaan

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Grammar lesson, present tenses

The present tenses
Grammar lesson
When is the present simple used?
How are the present tenses made?
1. To express a general truth, a timeless fact. The action/event is not presented as temporary.
Most long-term drugs abuse starts in adolescence.

2. To express a habit, a repeated action.
Aaron regularly goes camping in the nearby National Park.

3. To refer to a past event, in story telling or in descriptions of historical events.
There we were, standing at the bus stop. when this car stops right in front of us..
How is the present simple made?
In de tegenwoordige tijd gebruik je het hele werkwoord.

LET OP: Bij he, she en it zet je -(e)s achter het hele werkwoord.

You look - He looks
You kiss - She kisses
Practise with the present simple
Choose the right form:

1. Look! He tries/is trying to cross the river
2. I have/am having lunch in the cafetaria every day
3. I go/am going to Paris next week
4. Don't give John any cheese. He hates/is hating it!
5. You won't find James at home right now. He studies/is studying in the library.
When is the present continuous used?
1. To express something that is now going on.
: Chris is studying for an important test on Old Germanic right now.

2. To express surprise or irritation about a recurring action.
Tom is always criticising the waiters in a restaurant.

3. To express future
We are driving over later this afternoon to visit you.
How is the present continuous made?
Bij de tegenwoordige tijd met -ing vorm gebruik
je am/is/are + werkwoord + ing.


I am reading
You are reading
He is reading
Practise with the present continuous
Choose the right form:

1. Once a week, I go/am going to my piano teacher.
2. I think/ am thinking you're cool!
3. Gerald is rich -- he drives/ is driving a Rolls Royce.
4. It rains/is raining quite hard -- we shouldn't go out tonight.
5. Jean-Claude isn't a Canadian. I think he comes/ is coming from France.
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