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Greek Mythology Goddess

Kristen Copple

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Athena

I'm Patron goddess of Athens, which was named for me. I won the title over
Poseidon who gave a salt-water spring, but I made an olive tree come out of the ground, which was more useful. It provided food, oil, wood, and shade, which is why I was chosen. Athen The Parthenon was the temple built for me by the people of Athens. In it was the huge statue of me, made of ivory and gold. Every year, during the Panathenaia Festival, there was procession to my statue to provide it with new clothes. My Family My father is Zeus, but I technically have no mother. When Metis was pregnant, Zeus swallowed her, because he thought she was carrying the son that would knock him off the throne. But later, he got an awful headache, asked Hephaestus to split open his head with an axe, and out I came. I was fully armed, clothed, and born from his head. City of Athens Since I don't have a normal mother, then of course I don't have any regular brothers or sisters. But, thanks to Zeus, I have PLENTY of half-siblings, some including: Aphrodite
Hebe Helen
Perseus More About Me I'm the goddess of wisdom,
and arts and crafts, and battle and war, but I'm also known for a lot of other things. I am seen of as fair, logical, compassionate, and have good reasoning and problem-solving. I'm also very civilized, and make decisions for the benefit of others, rarely thinking of myself, which is another quality people like about me. I was often called for to help settle arguments and disputes between other gods and goddesses. Strengths: I'm intelligent, rational, a good peacemaker, and a powerful defender in war. Weaknesses: A have my favorite gods and goddesses, like Odysseus and Perseus. I'm also ruled by reason. My Symbols: The owl. I always carry it in my hand or on my head.
Other objects sacred to myself, which are a serpent, the olive/olive tree, the cock, and a lance. My Name My Greek name is Athena, which means the one "who comes". It's sometimes spelled Athina or Athene.
My Roman name is Minerva, meaning "the mind". One thing people call
me is Gray-Eyed, because when the wind blows on an olive tree, you can see the gray undersides of its leaves, which are like all my "eyes". Another thing I am sometimes referred to as is "Pallas Athena". This is because of a good friend I had named Pallas that I used to practice my fighting skills with. One day, I accidently gave her a fatal injury, and so I put her name in front of mine to honor her. Story of Arachne Once, there was a pupil of mine named Arachne. She made beautiful fabrics, and people said that she had surely learned her talents from me. She denied that, and even went as far as saying that she was better than me, and that she had learned her skills herself. So I met with her in the disguise of an elderly woman, and said to her that it was foolish and selfish of her to pretend that she was as good as one of the gods. I then challenged her to a weaving contest before revealing who I was, and she accepted. During the contest, I was faster and more skillful, so I won. Arachne still thought she was better, but I thought that was an insult to the gods, and I turned her into a spider, so that she could admire her own weaving forever. The name for spider, arachnid,
comes from her and this story. Some things I was really good at were weaving and embroidering. I was said to be the best at these two talents, and I even embroidered Hera's veil. Talents Another thing about me is that
I was very helpful. One example
of my helpfulness is during
Odysseus's journey. I helped him
get home, taking on lots of different
forms in order to do so. I helped
him after Poseidon started a strong
storm when I calmed the winds and
allowed him to get safely to the island
of Scheria. I also helped to disguise
him or change his appearance when
he needed it. Another thing I helped with was the Trojan war. First, I tried to prevent it, when I made both sides swear an oath to keep peace. Once it actually started, I helped the greeks win. I was also the one who came up with the idea for the Trojan Horse. Random Facts! I came up with a lot of things still used today. Some of the things I got credit for inventing are: bridles, yokes, sailing ships, trumpets, flutes, vases, and potter's wheels. I taught the people of Cyrene and other communities how to tame horses using my own bridle ideas and techniques. Out of all his over 100
kids, I was Zeus's favorite. He trusted me more than any of his other children, too. He even trusted me with his magic shield, and the secret of where his lightning bolts were kept. a The End!
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