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No description

Robell McLean

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of B

Double click anywhere & add an idea Black people

By: Robell Mclean
-All black people love fried chicken
- Black people speak slang
-Black people live in the ghetto
-Black people are homeless
bBlack people are on welfare.

More stereotypes:
-Black people dont have an education
- Most black people in the world are in jail.
-All Black people only listen to rap music.
-Black people are only good in sports.
-Black people are mean.

- most black people in the world today are in college
-black people make their living off being a lawyer, doctor, and etc.
-Black people listen to different varieties of music in the world.
-Not all black people do drugs.
-Not all black people sag their pants.
more Facts:
-Not all black men are pimps.
-Black women are not b*****es and h**s
-90% of black people are not homeless.
-Not all black people live in the ghetto.
-Not all black men have 2-3 baby mommas.

Rosa Parks
I knew what she did
But I didn't know her name until she died
Now Im not going to lie to you
So I wont claim that I cried
But I'd never thaught
About how brave she was
In refusing to move
From the seat on that bus

Now i think it's sad
That it caused such a stir
That because of her skin
They thaught less of her
That they tried to make her feel
Like she was two feet small
And I think it's sad
That she had to be brave at all
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