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Continuous Integration and Branching Strategy with TFS

Explains considered Branching Strategy and implemention of Continuous Integration in conditions of this strategy on TFS

Alexey Vasilevsky

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Continuous Integration and Branching Strategy with TFS

Main Development Branch
Main Branch accumulates all source code
from the beginning of development
Actually this means
"Make copy of source code
at some development point"
Feature Branch
Purpose of a branch is to minimize impact of activities being performed in it on other branches.
They can distinct by type of problem going to be solved, like implement feature(s), solve critical bug(s), refactoring...
Process when we get changes from the parent branch and merge them with our changes made to branch
Quality Assurance
When feature is ready to be tested
we get most recent changes and merge them.
When QA approved that task is complete
we copy changes from branch to parent.
Otherwise continue your work.
Production 1.2.3
Production branch is used for critical bug fixes.
Merge from the parent branch should never be performed.
Only copy down.
Main Development Branch
Stability of Main branch is important and it can be achieved with help of 'Gated Check-in'.

'Gated Check-in' means that source code will not get source until fit some requirements (build, tests ok)
Gated Check-in
For the Main branch we considered following rules to be conformed:
Code must built
Unit tests are green
Same rules are for Branch. The only difference is that
they are applied to deployment process.
Code must built
Unit tests are green
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