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Why Angelina Jolie is a great leader!

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Hanna McLean-Duncan

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Why Angelina Jolie is a great leader!

Why Angelina Jolie is a great leader!
General Information
Past History (Childhood)
Angelina's people are those whose have a desire to help people and those who are part of the LGBQT community. Angelina got to know her people by doing what she loves and by being who she is. Angelina didn't go out looking for people but rather people found her as she was somebody that they could relate to and she is somebody who actually wants people to help change the world rather than just take their money.
Her People
Angelina is know for her strong ambition to help those in need and to help those who don't have a voice (LGBQT community) which makes her a good leader. What makes Angelina stand out from other good leaders is that she doesn't expect any reward or publicity from her actions making her a great leader. She demonstrates her great leadership skills by encouraging people to help others and to stick with what they believe needs to happen in life. Angelina's generosity, kindness, ambition and large heart makes her a great leader.
Great Character
: June 4th, 1975
Home town
: Los Angeles and Palisades
: Jon Voight and Macheline Bertrand (Both actors)
: Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and New York University
: Actress, humanitarian and director

* Angelina's parents divorced when she was younger and Angelina, her brother and her mother moved to Palisades.
* Angelina had a happy childhood and loved going to the theaters which is where she got her inspiration to become an actress.
* Money was tight when she was young but her mother did everything she could to make her children happy.
* Angelina was teased in school due to her skinniness and braces.
* She dropped out of school when she was 14 and went to live with her emo boyfriend.
* Angelina went through a phase of self harm and depression.
* She later moved out of her boyfriend's house and enrolled into a theater institute and got serious with acting
Past History (Adulthood)
* Angelina started working with Johnny Lee Miller which later led to marriage only to be followed by a divorce a few months later.
* Rumors started to spread about Angelina's sexuality and she later came out as bisexual.
* Angelina won an Oscar for her role in 'Girl Interrupted'.
* Angelina adopted her first child from Cambodia named Maddox with her new husband Billy Bob Thorton.
* Angelina was titled 'The Good Will Ambassador' for the USA and
Billy later left Angelina and their son.
* Angelina adopted her first daughter, Zaharah Marley from Ethiopia.
*Angelina and Brad Pitt started their new relationship and later gave birth to Shiloh Nouvel.
* The couple later adopted a child from Thailand named Pax Thein and that same year the couple got engaged but refused to get married until same-sex marriage was legal throughout the USA.
Leadership Style
Reflection Time
I would describe Angelina as a level 4 leader otherwise known as 'The Guide'. Angelina is a very affective leader as she is the type of leader who isn't afraid to go out and help people rather than just going on T.V and begging for money like some other celebrities which is also why I believe so many people are so inclined to follow her footsteps because they see how much of a difference she is making in the world. Angelina also provides a lot of opportunities for people to help, events like meet ups, parties and auctions are events Angelina has done in the past to raise money and awareness.
Leadership Style
I could definitely see myself using this kind of leadership in the future. I believe this is a very effective type of leadership as Angelina proves. She has raised over 21 million dollars and loads of awareness for multiple different organizations and causes. I think this leadership style works best for larger groups as it gives everybody a chance to do something and it makes everyone feel special.
Angelina Jolie is somebody that I admire as I can relate to her a lot. I have a huge love for helping people and one day I would love to be able to go to different countries to help many different people. She gives me hope that one day I could be able to travel and help people when I am older and leave a large footprint on the world just like her. Until I am old enough and have the funds to travel I can continue donating to different causes and helping even more people.
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