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13 Colonies

No description

Jennalee Kwezi

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of 13 Colonies

The New England Colonies
The People - Two Groups
1. Puritans - Believed that the church should be pure
They stayed with the Church of England
2. Separatists - believed the Church of England did not represent true faith, they left for religious freedom
The Separatists became known as the Pilgrims
because of the long trip they made
The Puritans settle in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
The Government
Governed by the church congregation
Valued Education
The colony was very strict and intolerant
of other ideas
Banishment occurred
Triangular Trade
Goods left the Americas --- went to Europe---
Then Africa and back to America
Puritan way ends as more go after
money and profits
The Middle Colonies
variety of cultures
Who knows what New York's
first name was?
New Amsterdam
it was renamed New York because the
English told the governor to surrender
The Dutch colonists refused to fight
for the governor
English named it New York
The land was divided - New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Quakers move to Pennsylvania
Thought all people were equal
Did not believe in Slavery

The Middle Colonies were Prosperous
The Southern Colonies
Lord Baltimore - Wanted a Haven for Catholics
He founded Maryland
NC and SC started out as one colony
They split over disagreements
2 goals in starting GA
1. Give Debtors a place to live
2. Keep the Spanish in FL
The South: People lived off
the land - Large Plantations
Northern Colonies: People preferred City life
SC Farming was better
than NC
Plantation owners lived well
Slaves had hard lives

The role of slaves was to work the plantations
Turn to Page 94 in Textbook
Read Taken From Africa

1. What is the Middle Passage?
2. How did the slave Trade affect
3. Why weren't Native Americans used as

Why did the Puritans come to Massachusetts?
The great Migration
intolerant means unwillingness
to accept views or beliefs of another
over your own
Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut
he left because he didn't
like Puritan leaders
Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson - Massachusetts
Became the center for Religious Freedom
Type of Farming
Main source of Labor
Important Industries
Diversity in New York
Why William Penn founded Pennsylvania
Quaker Ideals
They were pacifists and refused to
fight in wars
Types of Farming
Major Crops
Largest cities
other industries
Indentured servant - worked to pay off a debt
then went free
Differences between a slave and an indentured servant
Slaves were slaves for life, against their consent
Indentured servants - volunteered, worked until
debt was paid and then let go
Type of farming
major crops
Anglican - broke away from
Africans brought over were forced to become Christians
They wanted to reform the
church of England
The King was denying Religious Freedom
The Puritans tried t get him to change his
mind and he wouldn't so they left. This started
the Great Migration.
Only farmed for families
because growing season was
Main Source of Income
- Building boats
- Whaling
- fishing
Rocky Soil, Cold Winters
Some had slaves but because they
didn't have large farms, there wasn't
a huge need for slave labor
- Some used Indentured Servants
to have a place that all religions would be
they had good soil and farmed some
not the main source of income though
Mostly tradesmen - blacksmith, glass blowers
Types of grain, corn, meats
Mild climate, rich soil, long growing
hot summers, mild winters, year around growing season
Southern living depended on slaves
The Belief that colonies
exist to benefit the mother
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